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Why Workplace Signage Should Matter to Furniture Dealers

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If you’re in the business of selling commercial office furniture, you likely prioritize products such as desks, chairs, and tables—not workplace signage. And if that’s the case, it may be time to consider expanding your product offerings. Neglecting to provide your clients with high-quality office signs means missing out on the opportunity to give them something they truly need. 

Not convinced?

We get it. At first glance, workplace signage may not seem as valuable as the big-ticket items you feature in your showroom. But make no mistake—signs play a variety of crucial roles in office settings. And once you grasp that fact, you can begin using it to your advantage.

Understanding the Importance of Workplace Signage 

Workplace signage is an essential tool for communication in buildings where professionals do business. It’s a key visual element that allows information to be shared quickly and easily. For your clients, the presence of signage can have a significant impact on employee morale, customer satisfaction, and more.  

Just consider some of the roles signage plays in office settings…

Several types of signs that serve safety purposes—from “wet floor” signs to evacuation maps. These displays reduce the risk of injury to staff members, visitors, and customers when something unexpected occurs. Plus, having them in place is a more practical option than trying to tell everyone what’s going on, especially during an emergency.  

Depending on the size and layout of a client’s building, it may be tough for first-time visitors and new employees to navigate. But that’s another problem workplace signage can easily solve. Having directional signs installed throughout the building can go a long way toward improving wayfinding and reducing frustration.    

Your clients undoubtedly want to make a good impression on their own customers. And a big part of that is delivering a positive experience from start to finish. Attractive, high-quality workplace signage that provides information and blends seamlessly with the décor can help do just that. 

Signs can also help reinforce a client’s branding efforts, keeping them top of mind with their customers. In fact, this can apply to virtually any display. When every sign features the business’s colors, fonts, and logo, it encourages memorability. 

The possibilities with workplace signage are nearly endless. Yet, some are surprised to learn that certain types can actually boost employee attitude and productivity. If a client is struggling with low staff morale, they may find that adding cubicle name plates or inspirational wall signs can make a huge difference.  

What Types of Signs Are Commonly Seen in Office Settings?

Custom workplace signage with VS color and branding from Erie Custom Signs.

Even if your own building has workplace signage in place, you may not be familiar with all the different types that are available. As noted above, signs can serve a variety of functions. However, most displays fall under one of three categories: directional, informational, or identification

These categories may seem self-explanatory, but it’s important to make sure you understand them fully. After all, the more informed you are, the more prepared you’ll be when the time comes to recommend signage to your clients. 

Let’s look at each category and some common examples in office settings… 

Directional Signs

As you may have guessed from the name, directional signs provide people with directions. Navigation can be difficult when someone is unfamiliar with a building, which is why directional signs are critical. These displays can make it much easier for first-time visitors and new employees to find their way around. Moreover, they cut down on the number of navigation-related questions staff members receive. 

Examples of directional signs include the following:

Note: Workplace signage that serves a directional purpose is required to meet all ADA sign guidelines besides braille and pictograms. 

Informational Signs

Displays that fall under the category of informational signs work to help, warn, and educate people. Basically, such signs provide non-identification information and instruction to those who enter the building. They also help reduce questions that might otherwise go to the administrative assistant or front desk staff. Such signage is especially effective at getting people familiar with a business, its staff, and its offerings. 

Here are a few examples:

Note: Informational signs are also exempt from ADA requirements for braille and pictograms. 

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Identification Signs

Identification signs refer to displays that mark the location of a permanent room or space. In offices with multiple departments and shared spaces, these signs are essential to let people know they’ve arrived at the right place. Further, they help create a welcoming, inclusive environment for all. 

Some examples of identification signs are as follows:

Note: Identification signs must meet all ADA sign specifications, which means text needs to be accompanied by braille and, oftentimes, pictograms.

How You Can Use the Need for Workplace Signage to Your Advantage

By now, you should have a better understanding of why workplace signage is important and how it’s commonly used. So, it’s time for the next step—using this need to your advantage. 

Expanding your product line to include workplace signage can not only increase your company’s revenue but also help you become the go-to for virtually all your clients’ office needs. Those who frequently come to you for new furnishings will be able to rely on you for new signs too. And when you prove that you’re able to solve nearly every problem they encounter, they’ll be more likely to recommend you to others. 

Here are some ways to gauge interest in and need for workplace signage when serving your clients:

Proper signage is a crucial communication element under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Many business owners and managers don’t realize they can be hit with fines or lawsuits when signage is noncompliant. If room signs, exit signs, and other essential displays are outdated, it could give you an opportunity to get them up to code with new signage.  

Although not every problem can be solved with new signs, many can. That’s why it’s worth learning about what issues your clients are struggling with. For example, if their front desk staff spends a lot of time directing visitors, wayfinding signs could be just what they need. 

Your clients and design partners likely come to you when they need new furnishings for a remodel. However, you can increase revenue by recommending new signage too. Touch base to see what changes they’ve made to determine whether the office signs could use an update, too—for instance, if the color scheme has changed.


As a furniture dealer, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of workplace signage—not when it offers you the chance to increase your revenue and serve clients better. So, keep this in mind going forward and look for opportunities to provide your clients with the signs they need. With Erie Custom Signs as your manufacturing partner, you can look forward to receiving high-quality displays your clients will be proud to hang.

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