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Why You Should Offer Office Logo Signs to Your Clients

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If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition, adding office logo signs to your product list is a great start. 

The key is customization. 

When business owners find themselves in need of new signage for a corporate lobby or waiting room, they want custom work. They want displays that feature their unique logo and lettering.

They understand the value in having office logo signs that fit their brand identity. And more importantly, they see the value in sign shops that can deliver what they need. 

So, when you’re able to provide office signage that’s tailored to the unique look and feel of a client’s building, chances are you’ll have a client for life. 

And with that comes consistent revenue.

On the flip side, choosing to leave logo signs off your list of product offerings means you’re missing out on an opportunity to boost sales and expand your client pool.

Just consider the increased demand for such signage from those wanting a highly visible lobby logo…

The Rising Popularity of Office Logo Signs

Office lobby signs—specifically those that feature a company’s name and logo—have been around for decades. However, they’ve grown increasingly more popular in recent years, and it makes sense.

Think about it…

When you walk into any corporate lobby, your eyes are immediately drawn to the wall sign they have hanging front and center. (Being an industry insider yourself, you know that’s done for a reason.)

This kind of signage captures the attention of each individual who walks into a building, welcoming them and reinforcing the company’s brand identity in their mind. Further, it has an impact on whether or not an individual chooses to take advantage of a company’s products or services. 

Most business owners understand that custom, high-quality signage—both interior and exterior—has a huge impact on success. And when they’re already aware of how buying new office logo signs can work to their advantage, it makes the process of selling to them much easier. 

The Benefits of Offering Office Logo Signs to Clients

Fabricating office logo signs according to each client’s specifications can be very lucrative for your sign shop. Just consider some of the benefits you can look forward to when you add such signage to your product list. 

1) You can expand your client pool. 

Unlike signage that may work better for one type of business than another, office logo signs are great for everyone. If a client has a corporate lobby, waiting room, or even an entryway, they could use a custom display. 

This means that you can expand your client pool by appealing to a wider range of businesses. Those who aren’t interested in high-end products such as LED displays can still come to you for custom solutions. Further, you won’t have to limit yourself to businesses in specific industries. 

And since most business owners know how beneficial it is to have logo signs in place, promoting this new offering won’t be a challenge. In fact, you’ll likely get a lot of referrals courtesy of happy customers.  

2) You can increase your revenue and profits.

When you bring in new clients and take on more orders, you’re able to increase your revenue. Due to the high demand of custom logo signs, it won’t take long to see a significant boost in sales. 

Further, this type of signage usually isn’t expensive to create, especially compared to outdoor architectural signage and electronic displays. If you price your office logo signs correctly, you can look forward to greater profits—even if you outsource orders to a third party.   

3) You can change your shop’s “hook.”

If you focus on promoting a specific type of signage that doesn’t appeal to everyone, you may be missing out on business. However, adding office logo signs to your product list and getting the word out can change your shop’s “hook.”

Instead of being known as a specialty shop, you’ll gain recognition as the go-to place for custom signs that benefit any business. 

4) You can get an advantage over your competition. 

Chances are you’ve lost some clients to your competition throughout the years. However, including office logo signs on your product list can help give you an advantage. 

Clients tend to return to those they know and trust. If you provide them with high-quality work, they’ll reward you by coming back each time they need a new display. Moreover, those who went to one of your competitors before may return once they hear about your new offering. 

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How to Begin Offering Custom Logo Signs

Now that you’ve seen how providing clients with office logo signs can benefit your shop, you may be thinking of adding them to your product list. 

In that case, there are 2 ways to go about it. 

Creating Them In-House…

If you decide to create custom logo signs in-house, you need to be sure you have the necessary resources, including…

Promoting your shop as the go-to place for custom signage means that the displays you fabricate for clients must be custom. Clients will have their own specifications in terms of materials, paint colors, and designs, so you need to be sure your shop is up to the task.

Depending on what products you currently offer, you may need to invest in additional equipment and training if you decide to go this route. If you’re unable to do so at this time, you may want to consider the second option.  

Outsourcing to a Third Party…

Choosing to outsource orders for office logo signs to a third party can help you fulfill client requests without incurring hefty expenses. As long as you select a business that already has the equipment needed to create custom signs, you won’t have to purchase new machinery yourself.

Further, many sign fabricators that partner with smaller shops offer discount opportunities. By forming a relationship with such a business, you can obtain the signs your clients need at a reasonable price, making it a worthwhile investment. 


There’s a high demand for office logo signs. And it will likely remain this way. 

Business owners know that having such displays can help them appeal to their own customers. Attractive, well-made signage installed near a building’s entrance not only welcomes visitors but also reinforces the company’s brand identity. 

By adding custom logo signs to your product list, you can expand your client pool, increase your revenue, change your shop’s “hook,” and gain an advantage over your competition. 

However, creating tailor-made signage can be an expensive and time-consuming task, especially if your shop doesn’t have the necessary equipment already. In that case, partnering with a third-party provider that has the capabilities to design and produce logo signs may be a wise choice. 

To learn more about how you can outsource client orders for office logo signs to Erie Custom Signs, reach out for a free quote today. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure that every sign we create fits the client’s exact specifications for complete satisfaction. 

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