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Why You Should Update Your Signage during an Office Redesign

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Are you in charge of planning an office redesign for your company? If so, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Depending on everything that needs to be changed, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed.  

We get it. 

Redesigning an office isn’t easy. You might be tasked with updating the appearance, upgrading the equipment, or even improving the overall functionality of your workplace. And if you’re not careful, you might end up overlooking something important. 

To help you out with your project, we’ve provided some tips for determining which features to refresh during your redesign, including one that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves—interior office signage.   

Deciding Which Features to Refresh during an Office Redesign

Deciding which features to refresh during your office redesign can be tough, especially if you’re handling the project without the help of an interior designer. There may be several things you and your team want to change about your office. However, you’re limited to the budget and space you have available, along with your own creativity. 

So, which aspects of your workplace should you revamp?

Ultimately, it depends on your goals for the project. The best approach for office remodeling success of any kind is to figure out what you want to achieve. So, you should start by thinking about what problems you’re experiencing now and how you can solve them. That way, you can make the most of your budget and ensure that all modifications actually have an impact on those who work in or visit your building.  

Here are some questions to assist you in defining your goals and deciding what changes to make:

Investing in new chairs, desks, couches, etc., can go a long way in improving the look and feel of your office. If your current furnishings have seen better days, it’s well worth changing them out with new versions. In addition to revitalizing your office’s appearance, it can make your office more comfortable for staff and visitors. 

In that case, you should focus on making improvements that will help your team work better. For instance, you could upgrade out-of-date equipment, install better lighting, and ensure every staff member has an ergonomically correct workstation.  

The atmosphere in your office has a major impact on both staff and visitors. So, if your office appears dull and inspiring, consider making changes to brighten it up. Some examples include allowing for more natural light and adding accent walls.  

Something else to consider…  

Of course, furnishings, equipment, flooring, lighting, paint, and layout typically come to mind first when planning an office redesign. But what you may not realize is that signage also plays a significant role. In fact, updating your office signs can help you achieve the goals you set for your project. 

Understanding the Role Signage Plays in Your Office

Room number sign with ultra violet backer from Erie Custom Signs’ Alma Series.

Chances are you walk by the signs in your office every day without giving them much thought. It’s easy to forget how important they truly are. But the fact is that signage plays a crucial role in your office.   

Signage is a key element of visual communication with your staff and visitors. 

Of course, different types of signs can communicate different things. One may provide people with helpful information, whereas another may guide people through your building. But when it comes down to it, signage is a communication tool that can improve the experience someone has in your office.  

(Plus, it can ensure that your building is up to code, but we’ll touch on that in the next section.)

That’s why you shouldn’t overlook signage in your office redesign, especially if your current displays are outdated. Even if you make several changes to your workspace, failing to update your signs could prevent you from ultimately achieving your project goals. And you’d miss out on many benefits. 

5 Benefits of Updating Interior Signs during an Office Redesign

When there’s a strict budget in place for your office redesign, you may be tempted to skip signage. Even knowing how important signage is, you may not be convinced it’s worth investing in new displays. However, there’s a lot to look forward to when you update your signs. 

Here are just a few benefits…    

1) Brand Reinforcement or Revitalization 

New signs that feature your company’s logo and colors can help familiarize visitors and staff members with your company’s brand. For starters, signage creates unified messaging about your mission and goals, allowing your team to remember what your brand is all about. Also, it inspires trust among existing and potential customers and keeps your business top of mind. 

If your current displays don’t fit your organization’s brand, it’s well worth updating them during your office redesign. In doing so, you can reinforce your brand or revitalize it after a major transformation.   

2) Positive Impression

Signage is typically one of the first things people see when they walk into your building. So, it’s important that your displays give new staff members and visitors a positive impression of your organization. When you invest in new office signs, you show that you’re keeping with the times and care about the appearance of your workspace. This can affect how people view the quality of your offerings and business as a whole.   

3) Better Communication

As mentioned previously, the primary role of signage is to serve as visual communication. By updating your signs during an office redesign, you can communicate better. And that way, you can improve the experience people have when they enter your building. 

For example…

4) Improved Staff Morale

Just like the paint, furnishings, and lighting in your office, signage can have an impact on staff morale. For instance, having a mission statement or core values wall sign can remind employees of the importance of their work. Additionally, cubicle name plates can make team members feel valued and recognized. 

If one of the goals for your office redesign is to bring or keep your building up to code, you’ll be interested to learn that updating your signs can help you do just that. Having displays that meet ADA sign specifications is a vital part of meeting building codes and adhering to ADA guidelines. By ordering new signs from a reputable manufacturer, you can ensure that this aspect is covered and avoid the consequences of business noncompliance.   

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Although an office redesign can seem overwhelming at first, it’s manageable if you take the right approach. Once you decide what goals you want to achieve, you can plan which features to change and how. Just take care not to overlook something as important as signage, which plays a significant role in your workplace.  If you’re ready to tackle the signage part of your redesign, rest assured Erie Custom Signs has you covered. Check out our ADA-compliant sign families, which can be customized according to your needs and budget. 

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