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Why Is Signage Important to Your Hospital Rebrand?

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A hospital rebrand is a massive undertaking, requiring the cooperation of multiple parties and the reconfiguration of countless assets.

Whether your organization’s decision to rebrand is a proactive one based on strategy or a reactive one based on recent events, you need to look closely at all of your collateral and ensure each piece fits with your hospital’s new branding. 

Otherwise, you run the risk of confusing the public, alienating your patients, and decreasing your market share.  

To make certain the transition is a smooth one resulting in hospital rebrand success, there are several features inside of your building, outside of your building, and related to your organization that must be changed to reflect your new brand—including all signage. 

Let’s take a look at some of these features…

What Features Do You Need to Change with a Rebrand?

Although all of these features are crucial, signs aren’t always given high priority. This is unwise, as the signage you install throughout your building reinforces your brand identity in the minds of those who visit. 

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What Role Does Interior ADA Signage Play in Your Hospital Rebrand?

Interior ADA signage plays a key role in any hospital rebrand, as these displays are required in public facilities such as hospitals and allow individuals with disabilities to navigate a building with ease. 

However, those involved in a rebranding project tend to downplay the importance of interior ADA signage, focusing instead on exterior signage. Chances are those on your team immediately pointed out that the large signs located outside of your building would need to be altered. 

But did anyone bring up how the ADA signs you’re required to have in your building should be replaced as well?

Despite the fact that ADA signage is an integral part of meeting federal compliance standards, ensuring that your hospital is not at risk of incurring fines or inviting lawsuits, such displays are often pushed to the bottom of the to-do list during a rebranding project. 

In reality, ADA signs are not only a legal requirement but also a valuable part of your hospital’s rebranding efforts

Displays that must meet ADA guidelines—including restroom signs, stair signs, elevator signs, directional signs, and room signs—can actually bolster visitors’ recognition of your brand. By replacing your old ADA signs with new ones that fit your hospital’s brand identity, you can…

Clearly, making sure that your interior ADA signage is given the same amount of attention as (if not more than) other displays throughout your campus is in your best interest. 

How to Ensure All ADA Signage Fits Your Organization’s New Look and Feel

Though many people are under the assumption that ADA signs have to look a certain way, there’s a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to designing these displays.

When you enlist the help of a business that specializes in the fabrication of ADA signage, you can either provide a design or work closely with their team to create a new one. 

Some elements you’ll want to consider when designing your ADA signs for your hospital rebrand include the following:

By providing the sign shop with as much information as possible about your new brand identity (logo, fonts, color scheme, etc.), you can be sure the ADA signs you receive will fit your organization’s look and feel. And as long as the sign shop you partner with is a true expert when it comes to ADA rules and regulations, you can have peace of mind that your new displays will meet compliance standards as well. 


Though there are various factors to take into consideration during a hospital rebrand, it’s crucial that you don’t overlook signage—particularly interior ADA signage. 

It’s true that ADA signs are a legal requirement for all hospitals and other public facilities, but more importantly, they can strengthen your branding efforts and show visitors that you care about providing access to everyone. 

And as a hospital, shouldn’t that be a top priority?

To learn more about obtaining custom ADA signs for your organization, reach out to the experts at Erie Custom Signs for a free quote.  

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