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ADA Sign Paint Standards: Why Is Matthews Paint a Good Choice?

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To create ADA-compliant signage for clients, you need to have the workforce, know-how, and equipment to do the job correctly. Otherwise, you risk producing a poor display your client is unhappy with or a noncompliant sign they can’t install with confidence. Like most sign professionals, you’re probably aware of what goes into manufacturing ADA signage. However, there is one area that often goes overlooked—meeting ADA sign paint standards.

That’s why we’re going to discuss the importance of using high-quality paint and tools, the guidelines for ADA signage, and the benefits of Matthews Paint. 

Why Meeting ADA Sign Paint Standards Is Important

There are various paint options on the market for signage, but ADA signs must follow strict guidelines. These specifications exist for a reason—to ensure that everyone, including those with limited vision, can get the information they need. If paint that does not meet ADA sign paint standards is used, the display will have to be redone to avoid noncompliance. 

As you know, having to remake signs is a waste of time, money, and effort. So, it’s best to choose high-quality ADA sign painting supplies to begin with, such as Matthews Paint and tools that are compatible with this line of paint. 

What Are the ADA Guidelines for Sign Color and Finish?

To see why Matthews Paint is a wise choice for meeting ADA sign paint standards, let’s look at the basic guidelines for ADA signage when it comes to color and finish:

What Makes Matthews Paint an Ideal Choice for ADA Signage?

  1. Matthews Paint is highly durable, so there’s less chipping and peeling than other paint. This cuts down on costs for businesses, as they won’t have to repair or replace their interior signage as often.
  2. With the proper setup, a capable sign shop can use Matthews Paint to match any shade on the market from virtually any manufacturer (e.g., Sherwin Williams, Pantone, Benjamin Moore). The line has a wide range of colors to choose from, so businesses can ensure that their signage won’t clash with their decor.
  3. Matthews Paint is also environmentally friendly. It produces a low level of VOCs, thus exceeding the stringent environmental regulations. Additionally, Matthews Paint lacks lead and heavy metals.

What Distinguishes Matthews Paint from Other Brands?

For more than 80 years, Matthews Paint has been manufacturing the highest quality acrylic polyurethane sign paints for the architectural signage industry. It’s no surprise to learn Matthews Paint has become the go-to for meeting ADA sign paint standards. It has several distinguishing features that place it in a class of its own. 

Ever-Expanding Library of Colors

As mentioned above, Matthews Paint offers a massive range of color options. All lines are available in more than 80,000 colors, including pearls and metallics. It is possible to mix most of the formulas in-house with the help of a Matthews Paint mixing station (which uses the lowest intermix inventory of all in the sign industry).

Further, Matthews Paint is offered in a range of gloss finishes. It has the most extensive collection of 6H-compliant primers, which can be applied over nearly any substrate available in the sign market.

Cutting-Edge R&D and Field Testing

Matthews Paint emphasizes research, development, and field testing of hundreds of formulas to provide the most UV- and weather-resistant full coating systems, featuring additives, primers, topcoats, clear coats, and cleaners. The company’s high-performance product lines offer durability and vibrant, long-lasting colors that meet ADA sign paint standards. 

Eight Decades of Reputation and Experience 

With more than 80 years at the forefront of the business, Matthews Paint has achieved extensive experience and earned a stellar reputation as the preferred choice of architects, designers, and fabricators. 

Outstanding Product Range and Quality

Customers have a choice among Matthews Conventional Acrylic Polyurethane (MAP), Matthews Low VOC MAP, and Matthews Ultra Low VOC MAP. The comprehensive paint systems offer superior quality, color, and durability. 

Matthews topcoats offer a UV-resistant, long-lasting finish with unmatched gloss and color retention. With multiple product lines and vast color options, finding a suitable topcoat is easy.

The EZ Spray’s two-component technology enables easy and quick repair of damaged or scratched signs in the field. At the same time, it maintains the quality and finish customers expect from Matthews Paint. The system makes use of any customized color or clear to ensure a perfect match.

Matthews primers, including low VOC and chromate-free product lines, offer strong paint adhesion to a range of tough-to-adhere substrates and can be coated directly with any topcoat.

Produced with the same durable resin as the color lines, Matthews Paint clear coats offer exceptional resistance to harsh weather, moisture, UV rays, chemicals, impact, and graffiti while increasing the paint job’s vibrancy and depth.

Matthews cleaners will remove grease, wax, silicone, and other contaminants from various substrates, such as bare metal, primers, plastics, and more. The eco-friendly, ultra-low VOC option is compliant and very effective with most of the VOC rules countrywide.

Matthews additives provide the customer with total control. Whether they want optimum brilliance or unique texture or require an extended work time to produce the desired effect, the additive will allow the user to customize applications and achieve project goals.

Matthews Paint offers various services and tools to ensure that customers receive precise color matching and gloss finish with a quick turnaround. The company offers custom matching services staffed with experts who have more than 50 years of professional experience. 

The Online Color Formula Retrieval System is updated daily. This incredible time-saver enables customers to easily retrieve Matthews Paint formulas to match 80,000 paint shades in more than 196 color systems. With over 1,580 colors, the Spectrum of Color Selection System (a breakthrough card deck system) makes color selection easier than ever. 

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What Other Benefits Does Matthews Paint Offer Sign Fabricators?

Matthews Paint mixing system in Erie Custom Signs’ shop.
  1. Excellent Value

Matthews Paint has long been praised for the quality and durability of their products. Unlike other available paints, the Matthews Paint line doesn’t chip or fade in a short period. It can stand up to years of general wear and tear, as well as weather effects and even vandalism. 

When you consider the price of their products, it’s clear that Matthews Paint is an excellent value.

  1. Helpful Resources 

For those who choose Matthews Paint when shopping for paint that meets ADA sign paint standards, several helpful resources are available online and off-line.

A visit to the Matthews Paint website allows sign fabricators to obtain Expert Advice, watch How-to Videos, and get Quick Tips. Customers with a Matthews Paint mixing system can even take advantage of the Online Color Retrieval service, highlighted in the previous section. 

Additionally, the company offers 2-day technical classes at training facilities across the country. These classes are designed to provide paint applicators, sign fabricators, and other professionals with the education and hands-on training they need to optimize their painting processes. 

  1. Great Customer Service

There’s a reason Matthews Paint has been around for more than 80 years. The products they offer are of the highest quality, and they go the extra mile when it comes to customer service.

The company frequently receives rave reviews from sign fabricators and others who use paint in their business. They’re not only quick to address their customers’ questions and concerns but also committed to delivering the best products possible. 

Those who add Matthews Paint products to the list of ADA sign painting supplies they use in their shop are pleased with the results—and so are their customers. 

What Design Capabilities Are Possible with Matthews Paint?

There’s no question that choosing a paint that meets ADA sign paint standards is essential. However, fabricators should also select one that allows for greater design capabilities. After all, clients expect to receive displays that are not only compliant and functional but also attractive. 

Fortunately, Matthews Paint has some noteworthy characteristics related to design:

  1. It can match shades from big brands.

This has been touched on before, but it’s worth noting again… 

Utilizing the appropriate mixing system, a capable sign shop can use Matthews Paint to match any shade on the market from virtually any manufacturer (e.g., Sherwin Williams, Pantone, Benjamin Moore). The line has a wide range of colors to choose from, so businesses can ensure that the mandatory signage will complement their aesthetics.

  1. It can fit a client’s desired color scheme.

As mentioned, Matthews Paint has an impressive array of color choices available. When you add in a mixing system, sign shops can produce any shade imaginable. This means clients won’t be limited to what colors they can use in their ADA signage, and they can keep to their desired color scheme. The fact that a client’s ADA signage can reinforce their branding is a major selling point. 

  1. It can hold up to years of general wear and tear.

The quality and durability of the Matthews Paint line have already been discussed, but it should be highlighted in terms of design. Given that ADA signs are required in public places, businesses only want to purchase and install them once. Matthews Paint doesn’t chip or fade as easily as other products on the market, so ADA signage will remain attractive and legible for years to come, not affecting the look of a building’s interior in a negative way. 

What Additional Supplies Are Needed to Paint ADA Signs?

In addition to the actual paint, there are other supplies that fabricators need to produce such displays. Make no mistake—tools play a key role in meeting ADA sign paint standards as well. 

Some of the most common include the following:

Further, investing in a mixing system such as the one offered by Matthews Paint is highly encouraged, particularly for sign shops that frequently receive orders with particular shade requests. 


To produce compliant, high-quality displays for clients, sign shops need to have the appropriate supplies at their disposal to meet ADA sign paint standards and all other requirements. However, it’s also important to consider whether it’s worth investing in such tools and equipment. 

Think of it this way…

If ADA signage isn’t a big seller in your facility, a better course of action may be to outsource those orders to a third party that already has such equipment in-house. That way, you can fulfill your clients’ orders without spending a significant amount of money on new sign painting supplies and training for your team. Ultimately, you can increase your revenue without incurring additional overhead costs by having a partner with a Matthews Paint system in place. 

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