5 Reasons You Should Outsource Sign Orders to a Third Party

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Did you know that opting to outsource sign orders can help grow your business? Let’s talk about why this is a route worth taking and when you should do it…  

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Why It’s Worth Outsourcing Sign Orders to a Third Party

As a sign shop owner, you know that attempting to do it all just isn’t practical. In the sign world of today, there are countless options available to end-users, including banners, digital signs, vinyl decals, ADA signs, and more. It’s impossible for a small or medium-sized business to offer everything. 

Plus, the fact is that trying to sell such a wide variety of products without the necessary tools or skills typically yields poor to mediocre results. And if the quality of your shop’s work is lacking, the quantity of your offerings won’t matter. Customers will be dissatisfied with the finished product they receive, which means they’ll likely share negative feedback with other potential clients and move on to a competitor. 

Further, if your shop tries to break into a market in which following specific guidelines is crucial (such as ADA sign fabrication), failing to produce a high-quality, 100% compliant product could even result in the end-user being hit with a fine or lawsuit… 

To avoid wasting time and money (and risking your company’s reputation), a better course of action may be to outsource sign orders to a third party. 

Some of the other benefits you can look forward to include the following:

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Now that you understand the why, it’s time to consider the when

When to Outsource Sign Orders to a Third Party

Not every request you receive from a client will require outside help. Chances are there are certain types of signs your team excels at fabricating. And in that case, it’s best to handle fulfillment in-house. However, there are some scenarios in which you should outsource sign orders rather than trying to complete them yourself. 

Here are some examples…

1) You lack the time and/or equipment.

If you operate a small to medium-sized sign shop, it can be tough to ensure quick turnarounds on a long string of orders when your team is lean. And if you don’t have the necessary equipment to manufacture displays you don’t specialize in, you have to do one of the following: 

  1. Turn down the job and refer the client to another business
  2. Take a chance and potentially deliver a subpar product   

In such cases, it makes more sense to outsource sign orders to a third party. By researching the company beforehand, you can ensure they have the capabilities to deliver on a client’s order. And by reaching out to the team to discuss your needs, you can set a hard deadline and make sure the client’s order is completed in a timely manner.  

2) You want to offer more options without taking on the expense.

Expanding your product offerings is a great way to stay ahead of (or at least neck and neck with) your competition. However, if you want to enter the market for ADA signage, for example, you’ll have to invest a significant amount of money into new equipment and training. If you don’t have the ability or desire to do so, opting to outsource sign orders to a third party is your best option. 

By developing a partnership with a third-party fabricator that specializes in the type of signs you want to add to your catalog, you can accomplish your goal without having to shoulder the expense. This type of partnership will prove beneficial in the long run, as it will give you the chance to show potential customers you’re able to offer a wide range of products your competitors may not have.   

3) You need to ensure ADA compliance.

Blue in case of fire sign with ADA-compliant font, braille text, and pictogram.

There are several rules and regulations that must be followed to achieve ADA compliance. Ensuring that signage meets ADA criteria is just one of them. Unless you’re well versed in the guidelines for creating ADA signage, taking on such an order could prove disastrous

For instance, if…

…the sign could put your client at risk of being fined or sued. 

Being an ADA sign fabricator requires in-depth knowledge of the ADA and a wide assortment of specialized equipment. By collaborating with a third party that has both, you can provide your clients with ADA signs that are guaranteed to be compliant. And because of that, you’ll become a trusted authority on ADA signage moving forward!  

4) You need to put resources toward marketing efforts.

As mentioned above, expanding your product offerings can help you stay competitive. However, the money needed for new equipment and materials may be better spent on promoting your business and differentiating your brand within the marketplace. It’s about using your budget wisely. 

By choosing to outsource sign orders to a third party, you can allocate more funds toward improving your website and generating leads. While your partner completes the orders you don’t have the time or equipment to fulfill, you can focus on building an effective online presence and positive perception of your brand. As a result, you can generate greater interest in your shop and offerings, which positions you for growth!

5) You want to save money.

Investing in new equipment, paying for employee training, and compensating team members for overtime work can bring your shop’s growth to a standstill. While some expenses are unavoidable, you can cut down on costs by enlisting the help of a third-party fabricator. 

When you outsource sign orders to a third party, you can hold off on paying for new equipment and the training your team would need to operate that equipment. Moreover, you can reduce the amount of overtime your employees accumulate working on specialized orders, especially if the partner you choose has expertise in that area.


You can reap several benefits just by choosing to outsource sign orders to a third party. Taking this route in certain cases can not only help generate more revenue but also assist in cutting costs. With the time and money you save, you can focus on growing your business. 

If you own a small to medium-sized sign shop, it’s well worth outsourcing when approached by a client in need of ADA signage. Since there are so many rules to keep in mind when fabricating ADA signage, it’s in your best interest to turn to an expert in the field. That way, you can provide your client with high-quality, ADA-compliant signs without having to perform in-depth research, invest in new equipment, or risk delivering a non-compliant product. Is now the time to outsource a client’s order? Request a free quote from Erie Custom Signs today!

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