True Sign Customization from Erie Custom Signs: Getting Custom Signs for Any Building

Although we firmly believe that investing in custom signs can be extremely beneficial for businesses, we also know that owners often have some reservations about placing orders for new displays, especially when sign customization is involved.  

That’s why we wanted to address a few issues related to this topic, including…

  • Why many people are wary of purchasing new signs
  • Why ADA signs in particular need to be updated
  • How custom signs can be designed according to your specifications

Having a better understanding of the impact custom signs (especially custom ADA signs) can have on a business may make the idea of purchasing new ones a little less daunting.

Why Many People Are Wary of Purchasing New Signs

Over the years, the team at Erie Custom Signs has seen many owners of larger public buildings hesitate to bring new signs into their facilities. Though the reasons vary from one business to the next, they often stem from the same fears.

  • Cost – Every organization has a strict budget in place, which means that expenses not considered top priority (such as sign customization) are frequently pushed aside. A number of business owners simply believe that new signs aren’t worth the investment.   
  • Aesthetic – Given the amount of work that’s put into making a building attractive to visitors, many business owners worry that new signage will throw off their already-established aesthetic.

These are fair concerns, and we understand the need for caution. The last thing any business owner wants to do is waste money on displays they don’t necessarily need, or worse—spend a significant amount of their budget on an order only to receive poor signs in return. 

So, it’s no surprise that displays installed in public facilities typically remain in place until they begin to chip or fade. 

However, what numerous business owners don’t realize is that using outdated signage can actually cost more in the long run…

Why ADA Signs in Particular Need to Be Updated

All public buildings are required, under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), to have ADA-compliant signage throughout their structures.

The goal with such displays is to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the same access as everyone else, which means that all ADA signs should be in good condition and clearly legible. 

When signs are outdated, either failing to meet ADA guidelines or proving too difficult to read, business owners risk a number of consequences.

  • They can be fined if signs in their facilities aren’t up to ADA standards. 
  • They can be sued if individuals with disabilities aren’t provided with reasonable access. 
  • They can receive negative backlash regarding their failure to provide equal access. 

That’s why it’s not just worth investing in new signs—it’s strongly recommended.

For business owners who are still concerned about how new signs (particularly ADA signs) would affect their current décor, there’s good news. 

The technology used to develop ADA signage has greatly evolved over the years, especially within the last decade. Now, large quantities of signs can be made in a more cost-effective manner than ever before, and there are even more options for sign customization, allowing for the creation of custom signs that perfectly fit a business’ brand and desired interior aesthetic.

How Custom Signs Can Be Designed According to One’s Specifications

By partnering with a sign fabricator that has experience with ADA signage (such as Erie Custom Signs), business owners can trust that the custom signs they receive will be attractive, affordable, and well made. 

Specializing in this type of signage means that we have a team of skilled designers, as well as a shop full of top-of-the-line equipment, giving us the opportunity to ensure the best sign customization possible.  

Here are just a few examples of how custom signs can be tailored according to a client’s exact specifications:

  • Any shape Gone are the days when clients were forced to pick from a limited number of rectangles, circles, and hexagons. Signage can now be any shape or size a business owner wants, no matter what material is being used, which allows for limitless design possibilities.
  • Any color – ADA signage fabrication has evolved to the point at which custom signs can be created in just about any color imaginable. So long as a sign meets ADA standards for contrast between the background and text, there is a massive array of color selections to choose from for sign design purposes.
  • Any design – Though many of our own clients ask us to create signage designs for them, they’re also capable of designing it themselves and having us work based on their specifications. If a client so chooses, they can design new custom signs to fit in with the existing ones in their facility or create entirely new signs to give themselves an aesthetic overhaul.
  • Any logo and/or branding elements – We can easily add logos or branded images to any of the ADA signage we create for public buildings. This is a feature that is especially appreciated by schools, as they can use this signage as an additional way to show off school spirit.

Though some business owners are still under the assumption that all ADA signage must look a certain way, there’s actually a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to design. As a result, those who need to replace their outdated signs can look forward to beautiful custom signs that pair well with their existing displays and complement their décor. 

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When it comes down to it, there’s no reason to be wary of ordering new custom signs when business owners have complete control over the design. Whether they submit a design or request help from the experts at Erie Custom Signs, they can look forward to receiving attractive displays that fit their décor and adhere to ADA guidelines.  

Further, individuals can trust that our team will provide a quote on each sign customization project that is specific to their own budget and needs.  

Want some more information about the sign customization options we provide with our ADA signage? Contact us today at Erie Custom Signs and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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