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The Value of Being an Environmentally Friendly Sign Shop

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What are the benefits of being an environmentally friendly sign shop?

1.      You can reduce your environmental impact

Businesses, especially those that manufacture products such as signage, are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to creating waste and by-products that are harmful to the environment. Given how important it is to protect the environment for current and future generations, it’s in every business’ best interest to reduce their impact as much as possible.

By taking steps toward becoming a more environmentally friendly sign shop, you can not only decrease the negative effect your business has on the environment but also help in preserving natural resources, which will otherwise continue depleting at an alarming rate.

There are a number of laws in place mandating compliance on environmental issues. Since these laws can vary by location, becoming an environmentally friendly sign shop and implementing “green” practices can reduce the risk of your business winding up in legal trouble.

Further, going “green” ahead of time can give you an advantage. Organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put strategies in place years in advance. By adhering to soon-to-be-implemented rules now, you won’t have to make such drastic changes when new laws go into effect.

3.      You can cut down on costs

The top two goals of any business are to increase revenue and decrease costs. It just so happens that many “green” practices can help in achieving the latter.

Increasing energy efficiency within your building can drastically reduce utility costs. Plus, there are a number of energy tax credits that businesses can take advantage of by taking part in certain energy-related projects, such as using an alternative fuel source vehicle for company transportation. The key is identifying which ones best apply to your business.

On a smaller scale, reusing, recycling, and/or avoiding the use of some materials within your shop can have a major impact on costs. It’s important to look for ways to reduce waste within your facility. For example, you could perform better forecasting for future material needs or simply switch to reusable containers and water coolers instead of purchasing cases of water for staff.

4.      You can enhance your brand image

In this day and age, being an eco-friendly business is a major selling point to potential customers. Those that take actions to help protect the environment are seen as more trustworthy in consumers’ eyes. By presenting as an environmentally friendly sign shop, you can create a favorable impression of your business and attract new customers.

Additionally, marketing your business as an eco-friendly one can help you stand apart from the competition and make the choice easier for prospects.

5.      You can create a better atmosphere for your staff

Going “green” doesn’t just have an impact on customers—it also has an effect on your staff. By becoming a more eco-friendly business, you can show your team that you care about the environment and those living in it. This can go a long way toward making employees feel that their health and safety is a top priority.

Further, by encouraging staff members to participate in “green” initiatives, such as a monthly recycling contest among departments, you can make these changes more fun for those involved. In doing so, you can also help foster a sense of camaraderie within your facility.

6.      You can improve your business’ sustainability

Every business wants to be around for the long haul. By implementing strategies to reduce your environmental impact, you can help improve the sustainability of your business.

As mentioned above, becoming a more environmentally friendly sign shop that’s conscious about what materials are being used can help cut down on costs. The same goes for making changes in your business that give you eligibility for certain tax credits. The more money you save, the greater your chances of staying in business longer.

Something else to take into consideration is your business’ reliance on natural resources. If you can improve some of the ways your business operates, such as cutting down on water usage and using recycled materials, you can lessen your reliance on resources that may not be as readily available in the future. Plus, you’ll increase your chances of your business outliving competitors that don’t take such measures.

What steps should you take to become an environmentally friendly sign shop?

First and foremost, you should be implementing the strategies mentioned above in your shop wherever possible.

If your staff doesn’t recycle already, start doing so now. You can do this not only with shop materials, such as plastic scraps, but also with personal refuse, such as water bottles and paper. Also, encourage your procurement department to search for materials made from recycled or renewable resources.

There are a number of other small adjustments you can make in your shop to become more eco-friendly as well. For example, ask staff members to turn off all lights, computers, machines, and power strips before they leave for the day. Additionally, consider providing an incentive for carpooling or allow staff members to telecommute if possible.

If you’re looking to optimize your “green” efforts, research what energy-related tax credits are available and what large-scale changes you could make in your shop. Now may be the time to start thinking about installing energy-efficient windows in your shop or investing in an alternative fuel source vehicle if you make deliveries.

Another great way to market your business as an eco-friendly one is by partnering with a wholesaler that implements these strategies in their own facility. Since you may not have the time or equipment to fulfill every order you receive, it helps to have a company you can outsource the order to so you can avoid turning down a customer. And when that company is also an environmentally friendly sign shop, you can ensure that you’re keeping the “green” promises you made to your customer, even when you’re not manufacturing the signs yourself.

Check out this blog’s summarized infographic below and download the PDF for easy sharing!

What are the benefits of being an environmentally friendly sign shop?Download
Infographic explaining the benefits of being an environmentally friendly sign shop

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