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Temporary Event Signage: Needed for Big Events

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The Super Bowl has become far bigger than the game itself. The entire week leading up to the game had events throughout downtown San Francisco where part of the heart of the city was transformed into what basically amounted to a football-themed village.

These events happen every year in the Super Bowl’s host city and include games, concerts, contests, meet and greets, television programs and much more. People who travel to attend the Super Bowl likely spend much of the week visiting these events, as well as locals who just want a piece of the action.

But with this transformation of the downtown area comes a great deal of hassle for the city, especially when it comes to transportation, road closures and more. A lot of the infrastructure for the city has to be temporarily altered to be able to support the weeklong festivities. This means locals and visitors alike could find it difficult to get around the area, and may be confused when certain parts of the city are not set up as they normally are.

Temporary signs: an overlooked essential

In these types of situations, you’re likely to see temporary signs planted throughout the entire area to help people navigate to their destination. These could include temporary road signs, business signs, direction signs, construction signs and many more.

ADA compliance is not restricted to individual buildings. When a city hosts a large event, whether it’s the Super Bowl or a huge music festival, they’re on the hook for ensuring accessibility throughout the entire event for anyone with special needs who might be attending. While Levi’s Stadium certainly has this accessibility taken care of, it’s these temporary facilities that need to particularly consider compliance issues.

These temporary signs can help cities and event organizers to stay compliant with ADA standards in at least one regard. At Erie Custom Signs, we develop ADA-compliant signs for a wide variety of uses, both permanent and temporary.

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