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Why Your Sign Shop Should Outsource Hospital Signs

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All public facilities should have attractive, easy-to-read signage in place. However, some must take greater care when it comes to the displays they install in their buildings, which is why they rely on the expertise of sign shops to ensure their signage fulfills its intended purpose.

Hospitals in particular require a lot of signage throughout their facilities to guide visitors and patients as well as to provide a warning regarding certain areas that are off limits to the general public. As such, your sign shop needs to be able to accommodate the specific needs of health care facilities with the signage you create.

In some cases—especially when health care facilities are looking to update their directories, room number displays, and restroom signage—it’s in your best interest to outsource a client’s hospital signs to a third-party fabricator…

When to Outsource Hospital Signs

There are many times when it may make more sense for both your business and your client to outsource a project (particularly one that involves hospital signs) to a third party.

For example, if your business specializes in LED signs or banners, and a health care client reaches out for ADA-compliant standoff signs, you likely don’t have the necessary tools to produce the displays they’re looking for. However, that doesn’t mean you have to pass on the project and risk that client going to your competitor for all signage moving forward. By outsourcing the client’s hospital signs to a third-party fabricator, you can retain that relationship and ensure your client gets the displays they need—even if they’re not fabricated in-house.

Other times when you should consider outsourcing hospital signs to a third party include the following:

Further, outsourcing hospital signs for your health care clients isn’t just a convenient option when you lack the time and resources—you can also reap a number of benefits in the process.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Hospital Signs


Sign shops serve a wide variety of customers, including health care facilities. However, when an order comes up that can’t be completed in-house, outsourcing to a third party is often the best option.

If a health care client has contacted you for hospital signs, reach out to a sign provider you can count on to deliver attractive, durable, ADA-compliant displays that adhere to your client’s specifications.

For more information, contact us today at Erie Custom Signs or visit our e-commerce store to view our selection of Quick Ship Signs.

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