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Which Rooms Require ADA Signage?

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Today’s sign shops need to supply consumers with a full range of ADA compliant signage. A lack of ADA compliance could lead to significant fines that hamper a business or organization’s cash flow.

All public buildings are required to meet the guidelines for ADA signage outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, the vast majority of business owners simply do not have the time to go through the verbiage of the legislation to determine what they need out of their signage. This is why it’s important for sign shops to offer fully prepared ADA signage for their customers’ convenience.

Therefore, sign shops should also know which rooms require the use of ADA signage so they can prepare these offerings and answer a client's question of, “Where do I need ADA signs?”

Handicapped sign

First and foremost, any permanent rooms in a building require compliant signage. Rooms that contain permanent fixtures that could not easily be moved should always be labeled by room name rather than room number. Common examples include kitchens, bathrooms, electrical rooms, washrooms and more. Other permanent rooms that can more easily change function can use room numbering or lettering, such as classrooms, hospital rooms or offices.

Unsure what constitutes a temporary room? Basically, if the walls are fastened to the ceiling, wall or both, the room is considered a permanent room even if that wall is movable after being unfastened. Any rooms that change function within seven days after being set up also do not require ADA compliant signage.

Another factor is life safety areas, which require particular signage under the ADA. Life safety signs tell people how they can exit a building during an emergency or how they can get to safe areas of refuge. Examples of these signs include exit signs at doors, stairwell signs, fire escape or fire route signs, floor designation signs, elevator restriction (“in case of fire use stairs”) sigs and more.

This is important information that can help sign shops better serve their customers, so for further information, contact the team at Erie Custom Signs today.

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