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Corridor | Flag Mount Sign B, Crystal Ice Series 8″ x 8″


Ensure visitors can identify restrooms or other private spaces in the building with the 8” x 8” wall-mounted flag sign B from our Crystal Ice Series. This projecting wall sign has 11 pictogram options, and allows for double-sided print. For more color options visit our Bridge Series Flag Mount B.


Prevent visitors from getting confused while navigating the building with the flag mount sign B from our Crystal Ice Series. This 8” x 8” wall-mounted flag sign can be used to identify restrooms, nursing rooms, or changing rooms, depending on your needs. Plus, its clean, neutral appearance allows it to complement virtually any space.

Customization is simple when you opt for this display.  Select the appropriate pictogram: men’s restroom, men’s restroom with handicap, women’s restroom, women’s restroom with handicap, toilet room, unisex restroom, unisex restroom with handicap, family restroom, family restroom with handicap, mother’s room, or changing room. 

This 8” x 8” wall-mounted flag sign features an 8” anodized aluminum bracket, pre-drilled, making installation an easy task. Simply mount it to the wall and provide visitors with the clear identification they need. 


  • Size: 8” x 8”
  • Material: Rowmark ADA Alternative; Trotec acrylic (brushed aluminum)
  • Design: Clean, neutral look; wall-projecting; double-sided print 
  • Hardware: 8” anodized aluminum bracket, pre-drilled
  • Customization: 11 pictogram options



  • Durability: Lasts for years without showing signs of fading
  • Customization: Can be customized by color and pictogram
  • Versatility: Offers a neutral look to complement any space
  • Identification: Makes it easy for visitors to identify rooms


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