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Problems with E-Commerce ADA Sign Shops

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When a sign shop receives an order, it will typically face one of the following two challenges: They may not have the capacity to complete the order on time, or they may not have the right equipment to fulfill the order specifications.

As a result, they may simply search online for the quickest, cheapest option—which may not necessarily be the best option for their client.

Creating ADA-compliant signs is a sensitive, specialized business, and the key challenge with shopping online for such requirements is that sign shop owners have virtually no way to verify the capabilities and reliability of an e-commerce provider.

On the other hand, if they engage with a well-established and stellar brick-and-mortar company with demonstrable expertise and years of experience in ADA sign manufacturing, it will ultimately deliver superior returns and lasting client satisfaction, both for the sign shop and their client.

Cutting-edge quality and design, versatile customization capabilities, timely deliveries, prompt customer service and communication, and a long-term relationship built on trust are some of the wonderful benefits of working with a preeminent ADA sign manufacturer.

Limitations of an E-Commerce ADA Sign Shop

Here are some of the problems that sign shop owners may run into by choosing e-commerce ADA sign shops:

1) Customization Challenges

Most businesses that commission ADA-compliant signage worry about the aesthetics being ruined by unattractive signs that clash with their décor. Since most e-commerce ADA sign shops offer generic signs that can be purchased in bulk, there’s isn’t any opportunity to customize the signage and soothe the client’s fears.

However, that’s not the case with brick-and-mortar sign companies that specialize in ADA signage. Since such companies do special orders for individual clients rather than mass-producing generic signs, they have the equipment and skills necessary to create truly customized signage.

This means they can offer more variety in terms of shape, color, font, graphics, etc. Many can even incorporate logos if so desired. Therefore, sign shops that outsource to such companies can look forward to higher customer satisfaction on their end, as the sign shop can obtain attractive, ADA-compliant signage that is specific to their client’s needs.

2) Lack of High-Quality Tools and Materials

The goal of typical e-commerce ADA sign shops is to mass-produce cheap, generic signs. Therefore, they don’t always invest in top-of-the-line equipment and/or materials. The result is less durable signage with flaws that could drive down customer satisfaction.

Brick-and-mortar shops that invest in highly advanced tools and higher-quality materials can produce signs that are more attractive, durable, and better overall. In addition, they often have better quality-control practices in place, ensuring that finished products are up to their standards and their clients’. Ultimately, sign shops and their clients achieve more value for their money.

3) Not Up to Date with Current ADA Regulations

If a business comes to a sign shop for ADA signage, they expect that sign shop to be familiar with the stringent rules and regulations associated with ADA compliance. The same goes for sign shops that outsource their orders to third-party sign manufacturers.

However, there’s no guarantee that an online retailer that mass-produces generic signage will have staff members who continually research ADA updates and changes.

Worst-case scenario: An order is shipped out that doesn’t meet ADA standards, and the client gets penalized for not meeting ADA guidelines, prompting them to demand a refund from the sign shop. Then, the sign shop will not only lose money but also receive a negative review from the client, which could affect future sales.

By enlisting the help of a brick-and-mortar sign company that specializes in ADA signage, the likelihood of such a scenario occurring is drastically reduced—to zero. As their entire business revolves around ADA signage, they go to great lengths to ensure their team is knowledgeable about ADA rules and regulations.

4) Poor Communication

Communication is vital when outsourcing a sign order to a third-party manufacturer. Sign shops need to keep their clients happy (just like all businesses that want to remain viable), which means orders must be completed according to the provided specifications.

Sign shop owners should be able to pose any questions or concerns they may have and get a response in a timely manner. Unfortunately, customer service isn’t always a major concern for e-commerce ADA sign shops, as their goal is produce cheap, generic signs as quickly as possible.

Sometimes clients need to increase/decrease the number of signs in their order, sometimes they make mistakes in their design (if they provide one), and sometimes they simply have last-minute changes they want to make. It’s important to do business with a company that you can count on should you need to alter an order in any way.

A brick-and-mortar sign shop, particularly one that has been around for years, knows the value of communication, so they’re much better at staying in touch throughout every step of the manufacturing process.

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Distinguishing Features of an Established ADA Sign Shop

Some of the key features that make a well-established brick-and-mortar sign shop manufacturer stand out in comparison to their e-commerce counterparts include the following:


Every business and organization is subject to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This means sign shops must be well stocked with ADA signage to ensure their varying clients will be able to use them as a one-stop location for all of their signage needs.

A large sign manufacturer will have the versatility to work with sign shops of all sizes to produce ADA-compliant signage, including generic template signage and branded and uniquely designed signage.

Customized/Wholesale/In-House Design

A major brick-and-mortar ADA sign shop will have a variety of design and material options for clients to choose from, and will be capable of creating custom designs based on client specifications. Whether they want to add their logo, select their own preferred materials and colors, or even want their self-developed design, a salient manufacturer will be happy to deliver custom signage.

A large sign maker will be equally effective in working on individual or small sign orders for clients and, at the same time, have the capability to service bulk orders for all types of facilities. Clients can benefit from sharper price deals through their wholesale pricing mechanism while still receiving exquisite craftsmanship that is their hallmark.

Personalized Service

Apart from delivering quality, a leading ADA sign shop will focus on providing outstanding personalized service. Their graphics team will work with clients to provide custom samples and proofs while maintaining sharp turnaround times. They would invest in advanced fabrication equipment to meet the individual creativity and quality requirements of clients.

Whether the client needs advanced photopolymer interior signage for small or large orders, or has a requirement for special colors with a custom paint mix, a dependable brick-and-mortar ADA sign shop will be in a position to meet these types of requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

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