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Plastic or Metal Signs? Brushed Aluminum Acrylic Offers the Best of Both Worlds

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When working with a new client who isn’t sure what type of signage material would work best for their needs, it isn’t unusual to receive the following question: “Which is better—plastic or metal?”

The short answer is…it depends.

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing material for signage.

That’s why sign professionals are strongly encouraged to not only get as many details from a new client as possible but also familiarize themselves with the pros and cons of various material types beforehand. That way, they can use their knowledge to determine the best choice for each client’s needs and position themselves as an authority on the subject.

Additionally, having the lowdown on and access to a wide assortment of material options means sign professionals can make recommendations that a client wasn’t even aware existed—such as brushed aluminum acrylic.

But before we dive into the advantages of brushed aluminum acrylic, let’s first take an in-depth look at metal and plastic signs—specifically, the benefits and drawbacks of each.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of metal signs?



What are the benefits and drawbacks of plastic signs?



Why is brushed aluminum acrylic a good choice for signage?

One of the greatest advantages of using brushed aluminum acrylic is that a client can get the best of both metal signs and plastic signs…

While not the most frequently used sign material on the market, brushed aluminum acrylic is quickly gaining popularity as a sophisticated, long-lasting, practical alternative to both metal and traditional plastic.


As with any sign material, there are pros and cons to both metal and plastic signs. But if a client is still struggling to decide between the two, it may be worth introducing brushed aluminum acrylic as an alternative.

Of course, sign shops that don’t have the space or budget to invest in another type of material can always outsource orders to a third party. This is a particularly wise choice if the client in question wants aluminum brushed acrylic signage that’s ADA compliant.

At Erie Custom Signs, for example, brushed aluminum acrylic is available by taking advantage of our Houghton Series. Learn more about becoming a partner here. We’d be happy to provide additional information about our Houghton Series.

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