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Photopolymer ADA Signs Wholesale

Photopolymer ADA Signs Samples

As a photopolymer ADA signs wholesale manufacturer, Erie Custom Signs can help you meet your customers needs.  Through matching existing photopolymer signs or providing ADA sign samples to help you land the project. Small orders and large orders are no problem. Contact us about your ADA signage needs.


Photopolymer ADA Signs Restroom Angle

Photopolymer ADA Sign Restroom

Photopolymer room signs

Photopolymer ADA room sign

Photopolymer Directional Braille Sign

Photopolymer Directional Braille Sign

Photopolymer ADA room sign Electrical

Photopolymer ADA room sign Electrical


Photopolymer ADA Signs Processing Equipment

In house fabrication of interior and exterior photopolymer ADA signs is what we do. We have the equipment: Orbital X Photpolymer Processor (24″x 30″), EPSON SureColor T3270 Film printer, Kobo TC-851 Hot Stamp Machine for tipping text, Industrial paint booth with the Matthews Sign Paint System. Erie Custom Signs uses the Novacryl Photopolymer Materials for ADA sign fabricating.


Photpolymer ADA Sign Fabrication

Inspecting film for an ADA Photpolymer Sign. Using Novalpolymer materials.

Photpolymer Film

Setting photpolymer film on Novacryl material before exposure.

Photopolymer ADA signs close up before painting.

Close up Photopolymer ADA sign before painting.

Matthews Paint System

Matthews Paint System mixing station prior to painting

Painting Photopolymer ADA Signs

Painting Photopolymer ADA Signs with Matthews paint

Photpolymer ADA Signs Hot stamp foil

Photpolymer ADA Signs Hot stamp foil application

Hot stamping raised text on sign

Hot stamping raised text on photopolymer ADA signs

In-house fabrication of Photopolymer ADA signs using Novapolymer Noavacryl material.

What Is Photopolymer Technology and Why is It Beneficial?

Photopolymer technology is one of the most popular tools used in the sign industry today. The general idea is that a photopolymer (also occasionally called a light-activated resin) changes its properties when it is exposed to light, often in the ultraviolet spectrum. The changes then manifest themselves in a structural manner. For example, the material may harden when it is exposed to light………..

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