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Has this ever happened to you?

You receive a sign order from a client, utilizing all of your available resources to ensure the job is completed according to their specifications and shipped out in a timely manner.

Yet despite the significant amount of time and effort your team put into the project, you receive a complaint from the client just a few days later.

The problem? The colors used on the client’s signage don’t match their existing décor or other marketing materials. Because of the oversight, they request that their signage be fixed at a reduced price…or worse, they demand a refund.   

No, this isn’t a situation that sign shop owners run into a lot. However, it is a problem that crops up from time to time—enough so that it can have a negative effect on one’s business.

The best way to avoid such an issue may seem obvious: Simply double-check that the colors used on a client’s signage are an exact match for those found on other signs, within the building, etc.

But that’s easier said than done when you don’t have the paint matching capabilities necessary to copy a shade from another paint manufacturer…

That’s why we rely on Matthews Paint to produce our signage, and that’s why we routinely sing the praises of this company’s offerings. 

When it comes to paint matching, few (if any) manufacturers can compete with Matthews Paint.

The Paint Matching Capabilities of Matthews Paint

First and foremost, there are a number of reasons why Matthews Paint is considered to be the industry standard.

However, despite how reliable, affordable, and versatile the Matthews Paint line is, there’s one particular area in which it shines especially bright—paint matching.

This reputable paint manufacturer has gone above and beyond to ensure that sign fabricators can create the exact shades they need for their clients’ signage.

Whether a client requests a seafoam green for their room number signs that matches their storefront display or a pale red for their directory that complements their custom-painted walls, Matthews Paint can get the job done.

Provided, of course, you take advantage of the tools and resources the company provides.

Matthews Paint Mixing System

At our own facility, the Matthews Paint Mixing System has proven to be incredibly helpful in getting the right shade and consistency to produce our clients’ signs—every time.

In addition to being easy to use and maintain, this high-performance paint mixing system is quieter and safer than similar types of equipment on the market. Plus, other features and benefits of the system include the following:

With our in-house Matthews Paint Mixing System, we’re able to match colors from popular manufacturers such as Pantone (PMS), Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, 3M Vinyl, and more. As a result, clients and other sign shops that outsource their orders to us can trust that we’ll be able to provide the exact shade they require for their signage.

Online Color Resources

For sign fabricators, having additional resources to reference for paint matching purposes is extremely valuable. Luckily, Matthews Paint offers a variety of color resources online, specifically for sign professionals.

The color resources on Matthews Paint’s site include…

What this means is that registered users of Matthews Paint can utilize several methods of paint matching, ensuring they’re able to mix a client’s desired shade precisely. The company even employs a team of experienced color experts, so sign professionals can obtain assistance should one of their clients have a unique request.   

Our own team can attest that the color resources provided by Matthews Paint go a long way when it comes to paint matching. 

MeasureColor Mobile

Included in Matthews Paint’s color resources (but worth highlighting separately) is the MeasureColor Mobile.

A relatively new offering from Matthews Paint, this handheld device allows sign professionals to scan a color in the field, confirm a near or exact match in the mobile app, and retrieve the Matthews Paint formula on their smartphones.

Gone are the days when individuals had to snap a photo or grab a swatch before heading back to the shop and attempting to replicate the shade with trial and error.

Lightweight, affordable, and easy to use, the MeasureColor Mobile from Matthews Paint gives sign professionals the ability to determine a color formula on the fly, thereby increasing customer satisfaction when the finished product perfectly complements their existing color scheme.


We could talk about the benefits of Matthews Paint all day, but the real proof is in the vivid, eye-catching, durable ADA signage we’re able to produce using this line of high-performance paint.

Just take a look at some examples of ADA signs we’ve created for past clients.

We trust Matthews Paint for all of our projects that require precise paint matching, which is why we recommend the line to others in the field. Moreover, it’s why those who don’t have the space or resources to invest in equipment such as the Matthews Paint Mixing System often contact us when they need to outsource an order or want to partner with us as a wholesaler.

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