Matthews Paint Mixing System

At Erie Custom Signs, we aim to use the highest-quality products to produce our signage. In addition to investing in top-of-the-line equipment, we also utilize the industry standard when it comes to paint—Matthews Paint.

Our spacious facility contains a custom paint booth with a temperature-controlled make-up air unit producing 1,000,000 BTU of heat to cure all of our signs after painting with Matthews Paint.

By utilizing our Matthews Paint Mixing System, we can match colors from popular sources such as Pantone (PMS), Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and others. This means that we can produce virtually any shade that won’t clash with a client’s existing color scheme.

How does the Matthews Paint Mixing System work?

After reviewing the work order, the associates in our painting department begin by choosing the client’s selected color from the mix and adding the catalyst.

The appropriate amount of reducer is then added to the mixture, which is housed in a designated container. Once the cap is secure, a paint gun is attached to the container.

After applying a primer, the finish is then sprayed on to the sign as well. The sign is then placed on a rack in our climate-controlled booth so it may dry overnight.

Once the sign has cured overnight, it’s taken to either the routing station or the laser for cutting, depending on the size of the sign.

What are the benefits of using Matthews Paint for ADA signage?

  • Durability– Unlike other paint brands that chip or fade over time, Matthews Paint holds its vivid color for years. This is because the formula has been designed to meet the demands of commercial applications. Signs that are made with Matthews Paint can stand up better to dirt, abrasions, and graffiti. Additionally, Matthews Paint helps seal Raster® Braille signs that are made by inserting plastic spheres into material substrates.
  • Safety Though most paint manufacturers strive to make their products as safe as possible for consumers, Matthews Paint is particularly noteworthy due to its lack of lead and heavy metals. This feature is one that is greatly appreciated by end users such as hospitals, schools, and assisted living facilities.
  • Low environmental impact– All of the products in the Matthews Paint line contain low levels of VOCs, but the new Ultra Low VOC sign paint exceeds even the strictest regulations. These topcoats, primers, and clear finishes contain significantly lower VOCs than other brands.
  • High overall quality– When it comes to performance, few bands can match Matthews Paint. Every product provides a sleek, even finish and stands the test of time. The manufacturer also constantly makes improvements to the line to ensure consumer satisfaction.
  • Large color library– Matthews Paint carries a wide assortment of color choices, and we stock a number of these shades in our facility. Additionally, our on-site Matthews Paint Mixing System allows us to create even more hues to meet client specifications.

Matthews Paint has been a leading manufacturer of acrylic polyurethane sign paint for the architectural signage industry for more than 80 years. As such, their name has become synonymous with quality, which is why sign shops frequently use the Matthews Paint line to craft their clients’ orders.

We use Matthews Paint for all of our projects because we trust that the finished product will display rich, vivid color that won’t chip or fade like other paints on the market. Plus, we appreciate the fact that all Matthews Paint products are made in the United States. As a Michigan-based company, this is important to us, and it’s a major selling point to potential clients as well.

Why partner with Erie Custom Signs for Matthews Paint-created signage?

Investing in an in-house paint-mixing system like the one we have in our facility can be an expensive endeavor. In addition to purchasing all the necessary tools and paint, you also have to train your employees on how to use the system. By partnering with Erie Custom Signs or merely outsourcing orders to our team, you can reap the benefits of having a Matthews Paint Mixing System without being required to foot the bill.

Our Matthews Paint Mixing System allows us to produce signage in a wide array of colors, so clients never have to worry about their signs clashing with their existing décor. Whether your client has a specific color scheme in mind or needs help deciding which shades to use, you can count on our talented team to get the job done right. And since we have in-depth knowledge of ADA rules and requirements, you can be sure the finished product will have the right level of contrast to make your client’s signs ADA compliant.

An added bonus of partnering with Erie Custom Signs is that you will be able to assure every client that their sign order is made with eco-friendly materials by a company that strives to make as little environmental impact as possible. At Erie Custom Signs, we implement “green” practices in our shop, such as recycling scrap material and personal refuse and purchasing products that are environmentally friendly—including paint. Many of the products in Matthews Paint’s line contain low levels of VOCs, and we use such products during the painting stage. Highlighting the use of this paint will demonstrate to clients that you care about the safety and well-being of their staff and visitors—something that will be especially helpful in selling to schools, hospitals, and assisted living facilities.

Finally, it isn’t just the use of Matthews Paint that ensures our signs will stand the test of time—it’s also the steps our team takes for quality control. During every stage of the sign-fabrication process, our technicians thoroughly examine each piece to make sure it’s strong, resilient, and made according to the client’s exact specifications. By partnering with Erie Custom Signs, you can be sure that every aspect of your client’s signage—from the material to the paint—will be both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Interested in taking advantage of our Matthews Paint Mixing System?

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