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ADA Signage for Universities and Colleges

How to sell ADA signage to universities and colleges

Unlike elementary and high schools, which typically have a much easier workflow, universities and colleges usually have a more complicated process in regard to ordering and approving signage. Due to the number of people involved in such decisions, sign shop owners should be prepared to attend several meetings with clients in this sphere before sign production can begin.

Additionally, sign shop owners working with administrators in the higher education arena should highlight the benefits of installing ADA-compliant signage on campus:

  • Help with wayfinding– College campuses are notoriously difficult for first-time visitors to navigate, especially when buildings are vast. Interior ADA signage can help students, new faculty members, and visitors locate the specific room or department they’re looking for.
  • Create a cohesive look to all campus signage– Those in higher education take great pride in creating a cohesive look to their campus, which they fear may be ruined with ADA signage. In reality, ADA signs can be customized just like any other display, so they’ll complement the university’s existing aesthetics.
  • Reinforce the values of inclusiveness– Universities and colleges are melting pots of diversity, and so it’s even more important for students with special needs to feel included. ADA signs that have Braille lettering and/or direct individuals to wheelchair-accessible areas can help higher education institutions achieve this goal.
  • Enable a positive college experience for all– By installing ADA signage that can be easily read and understood, institutions can help make sure that those who visit their campus will have a positive experience.
  • Fulfill responsibility as a public institution– All public facilities are required to have ADA signage in place, including schools. By having ADA signs installed throughout campus, universities and colleges can ensure they’re being compliant and fulfilling their responsibility as a public institution.

Who should you reach out to when selling signage to universities and colleges?

For sign shops looking to expand into this market, it should be noted that you’ll likely be working with a number of individuals.

As for the initial contact, it’s best to research the facilities management department first. In other cases, it may be necessary to go directly to the board of trustees.

Why is ADA signage important for universities and colleges?

Universities and colleges have a diverse group of individuals working and learning on their grounds. Therefore, accommodations must be made for students and faculty with certain health conditions. Some may have neurological conditions, which makes easy-to-understand wayfinding signs crucial. Some may use wheelchairs, which is why ADA signs that direct to wheelchair-accessible ramps and elevators are necessary. And some may possess visual impairments, which is why signage with Braille lettering and/or large text is required. To ensure that everyone has equal access to what the institution offers, it’s important to have the appropriate features in place, including ADA signage.

In creating ADA accommodations for college students and connecting university and college campus wayfinding with ADA-compliant design, it is important to understand that with some creative input, ADA regulations can only help to improve, and not restrain, the user-friendliness of the signage for students, visitors, and faculty. By installing ADA signs throughout campus, higher education institutions can create a welcoming atmosphere for all. It can also help strengthen their image of being a caring institution to current and future staff and students.

How is ADA signage typically used in universities and colleges?

  • Room numbers– Each building on campus should label rooms to make it easier for students, staff, and visitors to find their destination. Further, Braille numbers should be included for those with visual impairments.
  • Directories– Faculty, room, and building directories are especially important on campuses, as they tend to be much larger than the average school and more difficult to navigate.
  • Directions– Schools are encouraged to have signs that direct students, staff, and visitors to important locations, such as libraries, dorms, student centers, health clinics, and designated parking areas.
  • Restrooms– It’s extremely helpful for those on campus if men’s, women’s, and handicap restrooms are labeled accordingly. Images should be included on signage for extra clarity.
  • Accessibility signs– Universities and colleges should also have signage that designates wheelchair-accessible ramps, entrances, and elevators.

Though these are some of the most common applications, clients can use ADA signage for virtually any purpose they need. Sign shops that are working with higher education institutions should stress the fact that ADA signage can be customized in a number of ways.

Why should you choose Erie Custom Signs for university/college signage?

At Erie Custom Signs, we are dedicated to providing ADA-compliant signage for schools that make them safer, more accessible, more professional, and more welcoming. Our experienced and knowledgeable team strives to stay up to date on all changes to the ADA so our signage remains compliant. As a result, sign shops can assure their own clients that all signage will meet ADA regulations.

We have worked with institutions from elementary schools to large universities to make sure they have signs that comply with all ADA guidelines and add a decorative touch that fits the institution’s personality. Plus, we have worked as a wholesale signage provider for other sign shops that don’t have the equipment or other resources to fulfill their clients’ orders themselves.

For sign shops interested in outsourcing their university/college signage orders, an additional benefit of working with Erie Custom Signs is that we can incorporate a school’s mascot or emblem and design all of your client’s signs to match their school colors. We can create custom designs and graphics that suit all ages and educational styles. Also, if a client has a specific design request, our team can make sure the sign order meets their exact specifications.

By partnering with Erie Custom Signs, sign shops can benefit from our knowledge and expertise, as well as our in-house capabilities. We have a wide variety of material options available, along with top-of-the-line equipment to design, shape, and finish signage so clients are satisfied with the end result.

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