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ADA Signage for Hospitals

You asked. We listened.

We're now making hospital-grade face shield!

Each one of us has a role to play in the fight against COVID-19, and Erie Custom Signs has recently taken on a new one. We’re now producing hospital-grade face shields for health-care workers in need.

As a manufacturer of ADA signage, we have a wide range of materials, tools, and equipment available. Everyone on our team agrees that we have a duty to use these assets to assist health-care workers in avoiding infection so they can provide the care their patients require.

That’s why we’ve shifted our in-house manufacturing capabilities to include the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the heroes who are working tirelessly to care for others.

Need some face shields for your facility?

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How to sell ADA signage to hospitals

Hospital administrators tasked with obtaining ADA-compliant hospital signage will typically contact sign shops with their requirements. When working with such clients, it’s important to note the ways in which ADA signage can benefit their facility:

  • Help with wayfinding– A hospital can be difficult for visitors to navigate, especially if it’s a large facility or one located on a campus with multiple buildings. That’s why it’s important to install signage that offers directions to specific rooms, wings, offices, and other areas.
  • Create a cohesive look to all hospital signage– Though such signage must adhere to ADA regulations, it can be customized to fit a hospital’s existing look and complement décor.
  • Designate areas that are off-limits to visitors– To ensure the safety and security of patients and staff, hospitals can use their ADA signage to indicate specific areas that are not open to the general public.
  • Provide a positive experience to all patients, staff, and visitors– A hospital is a place of healing and care, which is the image that administrators want to convey to visitors. By installing ADA signage that can be easily read and understood by all visitors, including those with special needs, hospitals can provide a positive experience for those who walk through their doors.

It’s also important to take the hospital’s budget into consideration when having a discussion about signage, because these facilities only have a certain amount allocated for such purchases.

Who should you reach out to when selling signage to hospitals?

If you’re interested in selling signage to a nearby hospital that has not reached out to you first, it may be difficult to determine who you should contact.

For established hospitals, the best course of action is to get in touch with someone in the facility management department, as they are responsible for facility design, construction, and operations.

If a new hospital is being built in your area, hospital facility management would still be the first call to make. However, it may be necessary to contact the hospital board if that department has not yet been staffed.

Why is ADA signage important for hospitals?

All public buildings, including hospitals, are required to have ADA-compliant signage in place. As hospitals typically receive a lot of traffic from individuals with special needs, it’s even more important for them to have eye-catching, easy-to-read signage that offers valuable navigation information and more. This ensures that visitors have a positive experience at your client’s facility.

Additionally, ADA signage can help with presenting the desired brand image to all patients, staff, and visitors who walk through the facility’s hallways.

How is ADA signage typically used in hospitals?

  • Room numbers– Room number signs are standard in hospitals, as they allow staff members and visitors to easily locate rooms.
  • Directories– Hospitals, particularly large ones, should have directories posted at all entrances to assist those in search of a specific room, unit, or staff member.
  • Directions– In addition to directories, hospitals should also have direction signs posted to help individuals looking for restrooms, gift shops, cafeterias, emergency rooms, and other important areas within the facility.
  • Restrooms– As with all public buildings, hospitals should have signs in place designating men’s, women’s, and handicap restrooms.
  • Accessibility signs– Though all public facilities should have such signage, accessibility signs are especially important for hospitals, as both long-term and short-term wheelchair use is common.

Why should you choose Erie Custom Signs for hospital signage?

Erie Custom Signs helps hospitals and other health care organizations welcome their visitors and give them clear, accessible directions thanks to our hospital interior sign services. Our signs use bold text, graphics, and Braille writing with stark color contrasts to meet all ADA compliance rules and regulations.

Our services enable clients to choose the style of sign they want so that it will match the colors or décor of their facility, whether it’s for directional flow signs, directories, exits, entrances, stairwells, or room number signs. Our team takes pride in providing outstanding workmanship with every order, made possible by our top-of-the-line equipment.

Here are some other benefits of outsourcing your sign order to Erie Custom Signs:

  • Consistency– With as much signage as a hospital needs throughout an entire building, it can be difficult to maintain consistency with regard to appearance if signs are ordered in a piecemeal approach. At Erie Custom Signs, our team can easily create signs in large quantities according to your client’s specifications that will provide a cohesive appearance throughout your client’s entire facility.
  • Affordability– By outsourcing to Erie Custom Signs, you are able to save a significant amount of money. If you order your signs in small quantities, over the course of time it will end up costing you significantly more. Further, investing in the type of equipment we use to produce ADA signs will prove expensive for your business.
  • ADA compliance– Our team is able to ensure that all of your client’s signs meet the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means having Braille signage, ensuring there is an appropriate level of contrast between backgrounds and fonts, making sure the fonts are easily readable, and more.
  • Greater choices for design and material– When you work with Erie Custom Signs, your client has a wide variety of choices available in terms of how their signs will look. Clients can either submit custom designs or choose from a variety of different templates. Clients also have a large selection of choices available in terms of the materials used to create the signs and the type of finish each sign will have.
  • Reliability– Our team will be able to meet your deadlines and provide you with reliable quality for every single order you place. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to become the go-to sign shop for your client, as well as other facilities in their network.

Interested in hospital ADA signage?

"Erie Custom Signs rocks! The signs they made for me look absolutely fabulous! I’m so grateful for their patience and flexibility during the design phase, and the quick turnaround to get my order here in time for the final inspection. They have been great to work with, and I hope to do so again in the near future." Dawn Gilman, Crystal Lake Engraving
"Erie Custom Signs did an awesome job. Thanks to Mike and the team for such prompt service. They’re now my go-to for ADA signage." Greg Haskell, Hwy 35 Signs
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