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ADA Signage for Elementary & High Schools

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With hundreds or even thousands of children roaming the halls of your school every day, chances are some of them have unique needs. Those students may have trouble finding their way around the building, which can cause them distress and leave them feeling excluded from the school experience. That’s why making certain accommodations is essential.


Having ADA-compliant elementary school signs or high school signs installed in your building can make navigation much simpler, especially for young children or those with visual impairments. It can also go a long way toward creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all. Everyone who enters your school will be able to get the information they need easily.

Why Choose Erie Custom Signs for Interior School Signage?

Like any school administrator, you know that your school is legally required to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. But more than that, you understand why those rules are in place—to prevent discrimination against those with disabilities and ensure everyone has equal access. So, you want to improve inclusivity in your school by installing the proper school signage. Unfortunately, not all sign companies offer ADA-compliant elementary or high school signs. And finding one with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools can be a challenge. But that’s where Erie Custom Signs comes in. 

At Erie Custom Signs, we’re dedicated to providing ADA-compliant interior signage for schools that make them safer, more accessible, more professional, and more welcoming. Our team is well versed in ADA sign fabrication and stays up to date on all changes to the law. This means you can have peace of mind knowing the displays you order will be 100% compliant.

In working with us, you can look forward to getting elementary or high school signs that comply with all ADA guidelines and align with your school’s personality. We can incorporate your school’s mascot or emblem and design all your signs to match your school colors. Plus, we can create custom designs and pictures that suit all ages and educational styles. Whether you decide to place a completely custom order or tailor one of our school sign packages to your needs, you’ll receive attractive, durable, high-quality signage from us. Most importantly, you’ll have the means to improve inclusivity in your school for all students, teachers, staff, parents, and community visitors.


Customize Your Signs to Reflect Your School Spirit

match school colors
Match Your
School Colors
add logo
school mascot
Incorporate Your
School Mascot

Our Customization Options Include…

Materials you can use for your signage

Choose from a wide range of high-quality materials, including laminate, chemetal, acrylic, and more to fabricate your signs. Our team can help you select the best material for your sign project. Plus, we can use our in-house CNC router to make any shape desired.


Custom Signs with Company Logo and Colors

The products you order can actually help improve your facility's branding efforts. We can customize signage and memory boxes by adding your unique logo, color scheme, and more.


Color Matching

Our use of Matthew Paint ensures that your new signs won't clash with existing décor. We're able to match colors from Pantone, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and others.


Customizable Pictogram and ADA Compliant

Ensure your ADA signs meet all guidelines for compliance, including those related to fonts and pictograms. Our team can recommend compliant fonts that are easy to read and pictograms that fit the function of the space they’re identifying.



What Types of ADA Elementary or High School Signs Should You Have?

Room number signsBy labeling rooms with room number signs, you can make it easier for children to navigate the building. It’s also helpful for guardians and visitors who come to the school for parent­–teacher conferences and other special events.

Haven series directory school sign

DirectoriesA directory with a full list of rooms and their associated numbers posted near the school entrance makes it even simpler to navigate a facility. This is especially useful if your building is often used for voting or other community events.

Alma Tier 1 Directional A

Directional signsYour school should have signs directing to important locations, such as the gymnasium, cafeteria, and library. Elementary school or high school signs that offer directions can make visitors and new students feel more at ease.

Restroom signsRestroom signs are not only required under the ADA but also extremely helpful for students, staff, and visitors. By labeling all restrooms with signage featuring corresponding images, you can ensure everyone can locate the right one.

Room signsYour building likely has rooms that serve specific functions. In that case, it’s vital that you identify these permanent spaces with room signs. Having elementary school signs or high school signs for identification is a must under the ADA.

a blue exit sign with white text and braille.

Exit signsSafety should be prioritized in your school, and a big part of that is making sure exits can be located quickly in case of a fire or other emergency. That’s why installing ADA-compliant exit signs at all exit points of your school building is a requirement. 

Hear from Our Clients…

“I have been able to work with Erie Custom Signs on multiple projects now & I can truly say, without a doubt, that out of any vendor I have had the pleasure of working with, Erie is #1 on that list for the specific services available. Not only is the product quality top notch but the customer service is tremendous. They are always helpful, quick to respond, & very professional in what they do while also doing it in a positive & friendly manner which is why I will always be coming back to them in the future. I highly recommend this company to anyone & everyone looking for the services they provide!”

Matt Ryker

Creative Inc. | Lead Designer

“Erie Custom Signs is The Best Company to work with. They strive to design beautiful, unique signage for our communities and quick turn-around time, as well. Whatever we ask for — color, shape, price point — they are our go-to people, hands down. there is not another company we would put our trust in. Thanks again, Erie Custom Signs.

Julie Beutel

Comfort Care Senior Living | Office Manager

“We have been using Erie Custom Signs for our ADA signage needs since 2013. I can’t say enough about their entire team, everyone from sales, to the art department, to production. We have not sent them a design concept yet, where Erie said “we can’t do that”. Instead they find ways to get it done and make it happen, and within our budget. From pricing, the amzing turn around time, to the quality of the final product, you are not going to find a more professional, friendly and reliable source for your ADA signage needs, than the team at Erie.”

Brian Cole

Woodgraphics | Partner


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