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Introducing the Houghton Series: Brushed Aluminum ADA Signs to Fit Your Needs

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At Erie Custom Signs, we produce a variety of displays that meet ADA guidelines for compliance. If you’re familiar with our offerings, then you know we’ve developed several sign series (or “families”) that allow for a consistent look and feel across displays. We’ve already explored our Crystal Ice Series, and now we’re going to give an in-depth look at the brushed aluminum ADA signs in our Houghton Series. 

Whether you’ve received a request from a client for ADA-compliant displays or need to update the signage in your own facility, the Houghton Series—conveniently available from our e-commerce store—may be the perfect solution.  

Want to learn more about this series? Then let’s start with why it’s worth considering Houghton signs…

Why Should You Consider the Houghton Series?

The Houghton Series has become a popular choice among sign shops, contractors, and end-users. In fact, Houghton signage is one of the top sellers in our e-commerce store. That’s because these brushed aluminum ADA signs have a lot to offer those searching for compliant displays. 

Here are some noteworthy benefits of our Houghton Series…

If you find yourself in need of ADA-compliant signs, rest assured the Houghton Series meets all ADA requirements for signage. The brushed aluminum ADA signs in this series include a non-glare finish, 1/32” raised tactile text, and Grade 2 braille—characteristics that are necessary per the ADA. With Houghton displays, you can feel confident that guidelines are being followed and signs can be read and understood by all visitors.  

Unlike the ADA signs you may come across from other e-commerce stores, our Houghton Series is manufactured with quality in mind. Materials include high-quality brushed aluminum-look acrylic, black acrylic, and stainless steel standoff caps for greater durability. Whether you’re purchasing signs for a client or your own building, going with the Houghton Series will provide you with long-lasting displays that won’t fade or wear down after just a couple of years.  

Chances are there’s a budget in place for your sign project. And in that case, you want to get the best signage possible while keeping costs down. That’s what makes the Houghton Series a great choice. Even with the high-quality materials used, these displays are available through our e-commerce store at an affordable price.   

As mentioned above, the Houghton Series is one of the most frequently purchased types in our e-commerce store. But it’s especially popular for office spaces due to its somewhat corporate, upscale look. With brushed aluminum-look acrylic laminated to black acrylic, these displays have greater dimension and a more polished appearance. That said, the neutral aesthetic means it can fit virtually any décor. 

Another advantage of our Houghton Series is that it’s readily available. These brushed aluminum ADA signs are part of the Quick Ship Signs in our e-commerce store. That means once you place your order, you can look forward to a speedy turnaround—as little as 1-2 business days, depending on order size. Opting for the Houghton Series allows you (or your client) to get your building up to ADA standards quickly and easily. 

Finally, the displays in our Houghton Series are incredibly easy to hang. Although mounting height must be taken into consideration, no extra tools are needed to put these displays in place. All Houghton signage comes with double-faced foam mounting tape for contractor or end-user convenience.  

What Brushed Aluminum ADA Signs Are Available in the Houghton Series?

As with our other sign families, the Houghton Series has several ADA sign types available that are specific to different areas and applications. So, if you or a client need new signs for multiple spaces, you can get displays that have the same look and feel. That way, the signage is consistent throughout the building. 

Wondering what types of Houghton signs are available?

Here’s what you’ll come across in our e-commerce store… 

California Restroom

You may or may not know that California has its own strict rules for restroom signs. For example, men’s restrooms must be identified by an equilateral triangle, whereas women’s restrooms must be marked with a circle. The good news is the Houghton Series includes restroom signs that fit state and federal ADA guidelines.   

Click to download a free ADA sign product catalog.


Cubicle nameplates are also available from the Houghton Series. These brushed aluminum ADA signs work well in a corporate environment. Plus, they’re a convenient option for workspaces that change frequently, as the name inserts can be switched out with ease.    


Directional signs—including exit, employees only, and no smoking—are available from the Houghton Series as well. Additionally, you can purchase a 6” x 8” sign with custom text. These directional displays include all necessary ADA features, such as Grade 2 braille and raised text. 


If there’s an elevator in your or a client’s building, it’s important to label it properly. Fortunately, the Houghton Series includes displays just for that purpose. Along with floor number signs, there are general elevator identification and in case of fire signs. 


Looking for restroom signs? The Houghton Series covers those too. There are several options available, including women’s, men’s, family, gender-neutral, all gender, staff restroom, handicap accessible, and toilet. These are separate from the California restroom signs that have additional features required for ADA compliance. 


For basic spaces that need to be identified clearly, the Houghton Series has a wide array of room signs. Options include the following:

If a specific option isn’t available, you can also get a 6” x 8” sign with custom text. 


Lastly, the Houghton Series also offers stair signs. With raised text, Grade 2 braille, and an easy-to-understand pictogram, these stair signs are ideal for labeling stairwells. And like all the brushed aluminum ADA signs in this series, their neutral look allows them to fit anywhere.  

Who Would Benefit from Purchasing Houghton Displays?

Anyone who wants the look of brushed aluminum and the durability of acrylic would benefit from our Houghton Series. These attractive displays are an affordable, lightweight, and long-lasting alternative to metal signage. And the neutral appearance allows them to complement any décor. 

Plus, all signs meant to identify permanent spaces include the necessary requirements for ADA compliance. This means sign shops, contractors, and end-users in need of ADA signage can get all the types they need from one series. 

Here are some of the establishments that would benefit from having Houghton signs in place…

And more…


The Houghton Series is one of our most popular choices, and for good reason. These brushed aluminum ADA signs are an attractive, durable, and ADA-compliant option for any establishment. And since they’re available from our e-commerce store at an affordable price, they’re well worth checking out. 

Want to purchase Houghton signs for your next sign project? Here’s what to do…

  1. Click HERE to view our Houghton Series Quick Ship Signs.
  2. Add the displays you want to your cart.
  3. Place your order. 

If you need custom signage, we can do that too! Contact us for a free, no-strings-attached quote today.

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