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Introducing the Frosted Acrylic Series: Quality P95 Frosted Acrylic Displays to Fit Your Needs

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At Erie Custom Signs, we provide fellow sign shops, contractors, and end users with a wide selection of ADA-compliant signs. We even offer several sign series (or “families”) to choose from. That way, all the signs you order—from floor number signs to restroom signs—share the same look and feel. So far we’ve taken a deep dive into our Crystal Ice Series and our Houghton Series. Now it’s time to introduce you to the P95 frosted acrylic displays in our Frosted Acrylic Series.

If you’re in the market for affordable, high-quality ADA signage, the Frosted Acrylic Series from our e-commerce store is well worth checking out. With its clean, neutral, and polished appearance, this series can fit virtually any space! 

Eager to learn more about this series? Then let’s begin…

Why Should You Consider the Frosted Acrylic Series?

It’s no secret that finding attractive, durable, and affordable ADA signage can be a challenge. Fortunately, the Quick Ship Signs in our e-commerce store provide the perfect solution. And although there are quite a few options available, the Frosted Acrylic Series has a lot to offer—whether you’re planning to update your own building or fulfill a client’s sign order.   

With that said, here are some of the benefits you can look forward to when you take advantage of our Frosted Acrylic Series…

If you’re searching for ADA signage, your top priority is ensuring the signs you order meet all ADA requirements. The good news is these P95 frosted acrylic displays are fabricated with all the necessary characteristics, including Grade 2 braille, 1/32” raised text, suitable contrast between text and background, and non-glare finish. This means you (or your client) can mount these signs with confidence.    

There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing new ADA signage that cracks, fades, or chips after just a couple of years. Unfortunately, this is a common issue when you order signs from an e-commerce store that mass-produces cheap, generic displays. However, taking advantage of our Frosted Acrylic Series allows you to avoid this issue altogether, as our signs are produced using durable, high-quality P95 acrylic. As a result, they’re able to hold up better and longer, even in high-traffic areas.         

When it comes to sign projects, there’s always a budget in place. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a client, you’re likely looking for the most affordable option possible without having to sacrifice quality. In that case, you’ll be happy with the Frosted Acrylic Series. These P95 frosted acrylic displays are available at a budget-friendly price in our e-commerce store and provide end users with a great overall value.   

Many people are under the impression that ADA signage has to be boring—or even downright ugly. But that’s not the case at all, especially with our Frosted Acrylic Series. Made from P95 acrylic with a frosted finish, these displays mimic the appearance of frosted glass, making them an aesthetically pleasing option. Plus, they’re available in neutral shades like white, gray, and black, which means they can complement any décor. 

If you’re on the hunt for ADA signs, you want to get your order filled as quickly as possible. After all, you have a deadline to meet—whether it’s getting your building up to code or completing a client’s request on time. Another great benefit of the Frosted Acrylic Series is that it’s one of the families in our Quick Ship Signs selection. This means you can expect a quick turnaround time when you purchase signs from our e-commerce store. In fact, you can get your new displays shipped out in as little as 1-2 business days, depending on the size of your order! 

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What ADA-Compliant P95 Frosted Acrylic Displays Are Available in This Series?

Black frosted acrylic changing room sign from Erie Custom Signs’ Frosted Acrylic Series on green wall.

As mentioned previously, we developed our sign series so that displays intended to identify different areas of a building share a similar look and feel. This applies to all of our series, including the Frosted Acrylic Series. If you like what this series has to offer, you’ll be pleased to learn we offer a wide selection of P95 frosted acrylic displays for various applications and purposes. 

Here are some examples…


Need new ADA-compliant restroom signs for your (or a client’s) facility? Then you’re in luck, as our Frosted Acrylic Series has several options available. With all gender, family, women’s, men’s, handicap accessible, gender neutral, unisex, and staff restroom signs to choose from, you can be sure you’ll get the proper signage for your project.  


Directional signs are strongly recommended for any building, as they provide visitors with important information and instructions. Within our Frosted Acrylic Series, you can find employees only, exit, and no smoking signs. All of these signs are fabricated with the necessary elements for federal ADA compliance. Plus, they meet California ADA requirements as well.  


For buildings with multiple levels, having proper elevator signs is key. It plays a huge role in ensuring the safety of both visitors and staff. You can find P95 frosted acrylic displays that not only identify elevators for those with visual impairments but also direct them to stairs in case of fire. Additionally, we offer floor number signs in our Frosted Acrylic Series for your convenience. 


If you need room signs to label specific areas of a building, the Frosted Acrylic Series has a wide assortment of options available. These P95 frosted acrylic displays include the following:


Stair signs are an important type of ADA signage that shouldn’t go overlooked. With these signs, you can be sure the stairwells in your facility (or your client’s) are marked clearly for all visitors and staff. Fortunately, our Frosted Acrylic Series offers stair signs in black, gray, and white shades, so they can fit anywhere.  

California Restroom

Finally, you can also purchase California restroom signs from our Frosted Acrylic Series. If your business (or your client’s business) is in “The Golden State,” it’s crucial that you follow their guidelines for signage as well. Thankfully, we make it easy by providing ready-to-go P95 frosted acrylic displays that meet California ADA requirements. 

Who Would Benefit from Ordering P95 Frosted Acrylic Displays?

Our Frosted Acrylic Series is a great option for sign shops and contractors tasked with fulfilling a client’s sign order. These P95 frosted acrylic displays are attractive, affordable, ADA compliant, durable, AND easy to maintain. Plus, they can be shipped quickly to ensure deadlines are met.  

As far as end users go, there are several establishments that would benefit from ordering such signage. With their clean and polished appearance, these displays would fit well in hotels, spas, healthcare facilities, banks, office buildings, boutiques, and more!


Our Frosted Acrylic Series has a lot to offer. These P95 acrylic displays with a frosted finish are an excellent choice for any establishment in need of ADA-compliant signage. If you’re looking for high-quality signage at a reasonable price, this series is worth checking out.  

Are you ready to order P95 frosted acrylic displays from this series? Here’s what to do…

  1. Click HERE to view our Frosted Acrylic Quick Ship Signs.
  2. Add the signs you want to your cart.
  3. Place your order. 

Don’t forget—we can do custom signage too! Just contact us for a free, no-strings-attached quote today.

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