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Introducing the Economy Series: Affordable Acrylic Signs to Fit Your Needs

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At Erie Custom Signs, we believe updating a building with new ADA signage shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we’ve developed several sign series (or “families”) to make it easy for sign shops, contractors, and end users to get the matching ADA-compliant displays they need. If you read our blog regularly, chances are you’ve already learned about our Crystal Ice Series, Houghton Series, and Frosted Acrylic Series. Now we’re excited to introduce you to our Economy Series, which is filled with affordable acrylic signs!

If you’re on the hunt for new ADA signs but need to keep costs as low as possible, you should turn your attention to the Economy Series in our e-commerce store. The displays in this series are available at a price point that can fit nearly any budget.    

Interested in our Economy Series? Here’s what to know…

Why Should You Consider the Economy Series?

As the name suggests, the Economy Series is a great option if you’re looking for affordable acrylic signs. Oftentimes, finding a cost-effective way to update the ADA signage in a building means sacrificing quality. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the displays in our Economy Series. Ordering from this series allows you to get high-quality signage while staying within your budget.    

That said, the fact that it’s affordable isn’t the only reason to consider this series. Here are some of the other benefits…

If you’re in the market for ADA signage, you need to be sure the displays you order meet all ADA requirements. Otherwise, you or your client will risk suffering the consequences of noncompliance. The good news is the signs in our Economy Series are 100% compliant. They include required characteristics such as a non-glare finish, 1/32” raised text, and Grade II braille. With Economy signs, you can have peace of mind knowing no aspect of ADA sign guidelines has gone overlooked.     

The last thing you want to do is waste money on ADA signs that crack, peel, or fade after just a couple of years. Unfortunately, this is often the case when purchasing displays from e-commerce stores that aren’t concerned with quality. One of the benefits of our Economy Series is that it’s durable. Fabricated with solid acrylic from leading plastics supplier Rowmark, these signs are made to withstand general wear and tear. You can feel confident the signs you order will hold up for years to come. 

Whether you’ll be hanging new ADA signs in your own building or sending them off with a client, you want to be sure they’re mounted properly. After all, ADA regulations cover not only the signs themselves but also the way they’re installed. Fortunately, the affordable acrylic signs in our Economy Series are easy to mount. Every display from this series comes with double-faced mounting tape for your convenience. 

Although ADA signs are required in public buildings, there is some flexibility in terms of how they look. With our Economy Series, you can make sure the color fits existing décor. As mentioned previously, the acrylic signs in this series are made from Rowmark ADA Alternative materials. When you take advantage of this series, you can choose from a variety of colors, including white, black, ash, bright green, blue, and more.     

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of our Economy Series is that it’s readily available. The affordable acrylic signs in this series are part of the Quick Ship Signs in our e-commerce store. Because of this, you can expect to receive your order in as few as 1-2 business days, depending on how many signs you request. By opting for the Economy Series, you can get the ADA signage you need in a timely manner and ensure deadlines are met. 

What Types of Affordable Acrylic Signs Are Available?

Red IT room sign from Erie Custom Signs’ Economy Series mounted on wall.

As stated previously, we created sign packages like our Economy Series so that sign shops, contractors, and end users can get the matching ADA signage they need. There are several types of affordable acrylic signs in this series. Although they differ in terms of text and graphics, they all share the same general look and feel to ensure consistency.   

Here’s what you’ll find in our e-commerce store…

Restroom Signs

If you’re in need of new restroom signs, rest assured you’ll find several Economy options that are ADA compliant. These include all gender, family, gender neutral, men’s, women’s, staff, and more. Additionally, these signs are available with the International Symbol of Accessibility to indicate that a space is handicap accessible. 

Room Signs

To identify permanent spaces in your building (or a client’s), you can choose from a wide selection of affordable acrylic signs in our Economy Series. Our room sign options include the following:

Plus, there’s a customizable option available if you need something specific. 

Directional Signs

If you’re searching for directional signs that provide visitors with important information, you can find such displays in our Economy Series too. This series includes employees only, exit, and no smoking signs. Additionally, you can order a custom 8” x 6” sign with the text of your choice.   

Elevator Signs

Having elevator signs in place is crucial for both ADA compliance and visitor safety. Fortunately, you can find the signage you need in our Economy Series. In addition to floor numbers, this series includes elevator identification and in case of fire signs. 

Stair Signs

Stair signs are essential to labeling stairwells properly. And you can get the necessary signage by ordering from our Economy Series. As with the other displays in this series, the stair signs contain all the necessary characteristics for compliance. 

Who Would Benefit from Ordering Economy Signs?

Given its low price point, the Economy Series is a great choice for anyone in need of affordable acrylic signs. Sign shops and contractors can take advantage of this series to ensure a client’s sign project is completed on time and within the set budget. End users, on the other hand, can opt for the Economy Series to get their building up to code in a quick and cost-effective manner. 

Some examples of facilities that would benefit from installing Economy signs include… 


Our Economy Series has a lot to offer in terms of price, durability, and more. That’s why it’s worth checking out. You’re sure to find whatever you need by browsing the wide selection of affordable acrylic signs in this series. 

Ready to shop?

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  3. Place your order. 

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