Why You Should Revamp Your Facility with Interior Lobby Signs

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Depending on where you’re located and what type of organization you run, you may just now be starting to reopen your doors to the public. However, you’re likely looking for a way to encourage people to pay you a visit. You want to do something besides just letting them know what steps you’re taking to keep everyone safe. And in that case, now is the perfect time to think about ordering and installing new interior lobby signs. 


Because such displays can have a tremendous effect on the look and feel of your building’s foyer. They can introduce some much-needed color and visual appeal to an otherwise bare space. Plus, they can give visitors (and staff members) something new and interesting to see. 

If you don’t already have interior lobby signs in place, you may be surprised to learn just how beneficial these displays can be…

5 Benefits of Installing New Interior Lobby Signs

As mentioned above, the addition of new signage can help liven up your space and entice people into paying you a visit. However, there are plenty of other reasons to invest in interior lobby signs. And make no mistake—these benefits will serve your organization now and in the future.   

Let’s take a look…

1) They Can Support Your Organization’s Branding Efforts. 

Having a solid brand that people identify with is crucial to ensuring repeat business and loyalty. There are many things that factor into your organization’s branding efforts. That said, you shouldn’t underestimate the role custom logo signage plays in branding. 

By investing in new lobby signs that feature your name, logo, and color scheme, you can… 

2) They Can Offer Directional Cues to New Visitors.  

Another advantage of installing interior lobby signs is that it allows visitors to quickly figure out where they are and where they need to go. Even the logo sign you place front and center serves as a clear indication that visitors have come to the right place. Although individuals who have been to your facility before may not need that confirmation, newcomers will appreciate it. 

Of course, lobby signs aren’t restricted to just logo signs. This category also includes directories and guides that you post at the front of your building. And with these displays, you can offer directional cues to new visitors, making it easy for them to find their way around and improving their overall experience.

3) They Can Boost Your Organization’s Credibility. 

With the addition of lobby signs also comes the opportunity to demonstrate your organization’s credibility in the eyes of visitors. You may be thinking there’s no way signage can have that much of an impact. However, the truth is that having well-designed, attention-grabbing displays can…

Obtaining custom displays can even help you take this a step further. For instance, you can order lobby signs that highlight the awards and other accolades your organization has received. In doing so, you can provide visitors with proof that you’re the best at what you do. 

4) They Can Serve as a Source of Inspiration. 

The great thing about interior lobby signs is they’re incredibly versatile. Depending on the fabricator you work with, you can get them in virtually any shape, size, or style you desire. And that means you can order custom interior signage for your reception area that inspires people. 

For example, you can use your signs as a means of describing your mission, highlighting your slogan, or sharing a motivational quote. By taking this approach, you can make visitors feel empowered the minute they step foot in your lobby.      

5) They Can Improve Employee Engagement. 

There are many benefits to installing interior signage—specifically lobby signs. However, it’s worth noting that they’re not all focused on the visitor experience. In fact, the addition of new interior lobby signs can serve your staff as well. 

Here’s the thing…

Wall signs have a much greater influence on people than they may realize. Such displays can set the tone for the day ahead and affect your staff’s mood. Therefore, dressing up your lobby with bright, eye-catching, well-displayed signage can boost morale and get your employees excited for work as soon as they walk through the door.    

Types of Interior Lobby Signs You Should Consider 

As mentioned previously, there are various types of displays that fall under the category of interior lobby signs. In reality, any sign that you install in your entryway or meeting hall applies. However, there are some types that simply work better in such spaces. So, if you’re wondering what kind of signage you should consider ordering, here are a few ideas…     


If you’re just starting to reopen your building to the public, you probably have the time and space to make some aesthetic changes that will encourage people to visit.

So, consider taking this opportunity to give your entryway, foyer, or meeting hall a makeover with the addition of interior lobby signs. Those who visit your facility regularly will likely be impressed by the new change. Moreover, you’ll get to reap the benefits we highlighted here.  

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