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How to Use Custom ADA-Compliant Signs to Improve Your Building

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Custom ADA-compliant signs are no longer a novelty. In fact, you’ve likely come across unique restroom signs and other displays in facilities you’ve visited. 

Why is it becoming such a popular choice among businesses?

Because those required to have ADA signage in place see it as an opportunity.  

The simple fact is that any business open to the public must comply with ADA rules, including those related to signage. But rather than looking at this as just another legal necessity, many businesses choose to view it as a chance to connect with visitors and enhance their brand.   

Since there’s some flexibility when it comes to ADA sign design, an increasing number of people who are in charge of keeping their building up to code are opting to order custom ADA-compliant signs instead of standard displays.

And as a result, they’re reaping a wide range of benefits…

The Benefits of Having Custom ADA-Compliant Signs in Your Building

1) It supports your company’s branding efforts. 

Though many people believe that ADA signage has to look an exact way to achieve compliance, the truth is that you actually have some leeway in terms of design. This means you’re able to select colors, fonts, graphics, and even shapes that fit with your company’s brand identity.

You may not think that having custom ADA-compliant signs could support your company’s branding efforts, but when visitors see that all of your displays—including your restroom signs and directional signs—share the same unique look, they take notice.

You’re then able to solidify your brand in your current (and future) customers’ minds.

2) It increases the likelihood of signs being noticed.

Even if you have ADA signage in place, chances are you frequently receive questions about where certain rooms and departments are located. Let’s face it—it’s easy to overlook a sign if it doesn’t jump out at you, so it’s no wonder that visitors may often bypass the nondescript displays you have mounted in your building.

However, with custom ADA-compliant signs, you’re able to choose design elements that stand out and grab the attention of passersby. As a result, your signage is more noticeable to those who come to your facility, and you’re able to make navigation much easier.

3) It provides visitors with a good impression of your company.

As mentioned previously, having custom ADA-compliant signs in place can increase visibility and improve navigation. These are things that first-time visitors appreciate, as it shows that your company cares about providing easy access to everyone who enters your building. 

Further, many consumers associate the quality of a company’s signage with the quality of their service and offerings. So, if visitors look around and notice that you have unique, well-made signs installed throughout your building, they’ll likely be more confident with what you can provide them.   

Click for a custom quote on ADA signage.

Ways to Tailor Your ADA Signage to Fit Your Business 

If you’ve never considered ordering custom ADA-compliant signs before, you may be surprised to learn how such displays can be designed according to your specifications

The following design elements demonstrate just some of the ways you can tailor your signage to fit your company’s brand—as well as your building’s look and feel. 


If your business has a specific color scheme you like to use for decorating and marketing purposes, you can apply it to your ADA signage as well. Or, if you find a fabricator with great designers on staff, you can work with them to select shades that get across the appropriate message and feeling to visitors.  

As long as there is an acceptable level of contrast between background and text (roughly 70%), you can choose virtually any colors you want. 


Though many businesses opt for square or rectangular signage, you can actually choose whatever shape you desire for your custom ADA-compliant signs. If a circle or unique form would work better for your needs, you’re free to have your signage created in that shape. 

The only stipulation is that the sign is large enough to fit the text, graphics, and Braille lettering required for compliance. 


What if we told you that you can add your company’s logo or branded images to your signage?

It would be a game changer, right?

With ADA signage, you’re able to add such graphics to make your displays more unique to your business. And doing so won’t cause any noncompliance issues

It’s worth noting that in order to incorporate the desired graphics, you need to make sure the fabricator you choose has the in-house capabilities required. 


You’re not limited to just 1 or 2 font types when you order custom ADA-compliant signs for your building. In fact, there are various fonts to choose from, so you can select whatever type fits your business’ personality best. 

There are some restrictions when it comes to text font, style, size, and case on ADA signage, so it’s best to educate yourself and partner with a fabricator that is well versed in ADA regulations. 

What to Consider When Ordering Custom ADA-Compliant Signs

When you decide that it’s worth adding custom ADA-compliant signs to your facility, there are a number of things you need to consider, including the following:


Custom ADA-compliant signs are continuing to grow in popularity—and with good reason. Businesses that invest in ADA signage unique to them can reap a number of benefits and set the tone for relationships with future customers. 

Plus, who wouldn’t want attractive, tailor-made signs in place?

If you’re interested in obtaining custom signage for your facility, reach out to Erie Custom Signs for a free, no-obligation quote today.  

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