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How Custom School Signs Can Improve Your Institution

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In recent years, an increasing number of educational institutions have begun investing in custom school signs. 


Because they understand that having signage unique to their respective facilities and communities offers a wide range of benefits—for staff, students, and visitors alike.  

Putting the time and money into obtaining custom school signs for your own institution—be it an elementary school, middle school, high school, or college—shows that you care about…

If you’ve been looking for creative ways to improve your institution, installing new signage may be a route worth taking. Although it might seem like a minor change in the grand scheme of things, the addition of custom displays can provide significant benefits.  

Let’s take a deeper dive into these benefits…

The Benefits of Custom School Signs

1) They help present a positive image of your institution to the community.

It may not have crossed your mind before, but signage has a big impact on the image you present to the community. 

Think about it…

Your institution is much more than just a place for educating young people in your city. Chances are it’s also used as a polling location during election time. It may even be a designated area for community members to gather in the event of an emergency. Further, those in your city likely visit the grounds to watch sporting events. 

It’s safe to say that your institution is an important part of the community. And with custom school signs in place, you can show that your institution is unique, that you’re dedicated to serving everyone in the community, and that you care about providing a welcoming environment. 

2) They can support your branding efforts and bolster school spirit.

Custom school signs that feature your chosen colors and mascot can go a long way in supporting your branding efforts and bolstering school spirit. 

By having displays with such elements installed throughout your building, you can reinforce your school’s brand identity in the minds of those who walk down the halls. This is especially helpful if you regularly give tours for prospective students and their parents.

Plus, hanging signs that feature your mascot or school emblem assists in creating a unified spirit within your institution. Seeing these signs every day can encourage school spirit among students and staff, building morale and fostering a sense of unity.  

3) They provide useful information to those unfamiliar with your institution. 

The great thing about custom school signs is just that—they’re custom. This means you can include information that you feel is relevant and helpful to those who are unfamiliar with your institution. 

And you can do this in a number of ways, such as hanging…

With such signage, you can ensure that those who visit your facility for the first time have a positive experience and are able to get the information they need. 

4) They can assist in allowing everyone access to your building. 

As mentioned previously, custom school signs allow you to pass along important information to newcomers. However, they can also play a part in ensuring that everyone has equal access to your facility.

When you commission an order for custom signage, you can tailor your displays according to your unique needs. For example, if your institution has a large population of non-English speakers, you can incorporate additional text and images to overcome language barriers. Or if your institution serves many students with visual impairments, you can ensure that every sign features Braille—not just those that are required to have it. 

And that leads to another benefit of custom school signs: They can help you achieve compliance.  

Click to request a free ADA-compliant sign sample.

Ensuring Compliance with Custom School Signs

Though custom school signs may sound appealing, you’re probably wondering whether you can install such signage while still adhering to ADA rules.

The answer is yes. 

Many people believe that ADA signage has to look a certain way. In reality, there’s some flexibility when it comes to designing such displays. 

When you order custom displays for restrooms, classrooms, and other permanent spaces, you can still make sure they fit your school’s aesthetic. As long as you’re working with a sign business that specializes in ADA displays, you can request that your school colors, mascot, and other brand elements are incorporated into the design. 

On the flip side, your fabricator will ensure that your new signage includes all the features required under ADA guidelines, including…

Additionally, an expert will be able to instruct you on how to hang your new signs correctly per ADA rules. Some people forget that meeting compliance standards doesn’t end at getting the necessary features—it also entails installing them properly. 


There are countless benefits to obtaining custom school signs—a few which we’ve covered. Ultimately, installing displays that are unique to your institution can have a huge impact on your students, staff, and community as a whole.

However, before moving on to the next step, it’s important that you find a business with experience crafting attractive, ADA-compliant school signage. That way, you can be sure your new displays adhere to the guidelines the ADA has set for signs. 

Fortunately, Erie Custom Signs fits the criteria. To learn more about purchasing custom school signs for your institution, contact us for a free quote today.  

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