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How Furniture Dealers Can Become the Go-to for Clients’ Office Needs

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As an office furniture dealer, you have one primary goal: to provide each client with the best solutions possible for their workspace. But if you’re not fulfilling all their office needs, you’re missing out on the opportunity to serve them better. Plus, you’re missing out on the chance to increase your revenue. Here’s the good news… By getting a better grasp of what your clients should have on top of what they want, you can become their go-to for all office-related furnishings and supplies. 

Why It’s Worth Understanding Your Clients’ Office Needs

A big part of achieving success as an office furniture dealer is offering tailored solutions based on experience and product knowledge. In most cases, office managers and interior designers will come to you with an idea of what they’re looking for. Then, it’s your job to help them find the right pieces to bring their vision to life. 

However, if you want to become an industry leader, you have to go above and beyond. You must exceed your clients’ expectations. And that means proving you understand their office needs even better than they do.

Here’s the thing…

When an office is being built from scratch, remodeled, or simply updated, those in charge are typically focused on the major elements. They turn to your dealership looking for attractive, comfortable furnishings that fit their budget. Specifically, they’re shopping for items such as desks, chairs, tables, sofas, rugs, and lighting fixtures. But this means they tend to overlook other features crucial to functionality, like storage solutions and signage. 

For example, many professionals don’t realize how vital office signs are—or that certain types must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). So, when you bring this to their attention, you give them additional value besides just great deals on high-quality furniture. As a result, they’ll appreciate you and your offerings even more. 

Ultimately, being aware of your client's office needs beyond traditional furnishings and educating them accordingly can help you build authority in your space. Moreover, setting up your dealership as a one-stop-shop for office solutions can encourage repeat business.

The Benefits of Providing Complete Interior Office Solutions 

There’s a lot to be gained by providing clients with complete interior office solutions. If you’ve been thinking of expanding your product line, rest assured it will be worth it in the long run. By partnering with manufacturers of signage, storage cabinets, and other items that are necessary for workplace functionality and organization, you can enjoy several benefits.

Here are just a few examples:

The most obvious advantage of adding more products to your inventory is that it allows you to sell more. When you position your dealership as an all-in-one resource for your clients’ office needs, they won’t have to go anywhere else. Instead, when they come in for quality furnishings, you can also direct them to the signage and other essential features you have available. This kind of cross-selling can increase your dealership’s revenue significantly. 

Word of mouth and online reviews play a significant role in your office furniture business’s success. That’s why you should do everything possible to ensure high customer satisfaction so that clients refer you to others. By proving that your dealership is more than capable of meeting any company’s office needs, you can increase the likelihood of bringing in more referrals.

Chances are you have more than a few competitors who offer similar products at comparable price points. In that case, it’s in your best interest to find ways to set your business apart from the rest. You can appeal to potential customers and get a competitive advantage by offering products your competitors don't.

Going the extra mile to meet end users’ office needs can not only benefit you but also benefit your partners. Like many dealers, you probably work with interior designers regularly. If so, you want to strengthen those partnerships and encourage them to order from you whenever they have a new project. By adding to your inventory, you can help them serve their clients better as well.

How to Address Your Clients’ Office Needs with Signage

Erie Insert, 4"x8", Manager, Tan

As mentioned above, those in charge of ordering new office furnishings often fail to consider certain features such as signage. Even though signage is a key element in commercial buildings for branding, navigation, and compliance, it’s usually not prioritized. And this mistake can hurt companies down the road. However, by educating clients on the need for certain types of signage and giving them the chance to order from your dealership, you can address all their office needs. 

Here are some types of signs worth recommending and why: 

Although your clients may not realize it, signage is a critical feature for any workplace. And it’s one you should consider adding to your inventory so that you can serve them better. 

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There are several features that often go overlooked when revamping an office space. If you work at an office furniture dealership, you can educate clients, fill the gap, and ultimately increase revenue by taking steps to fulfill all their office needs. Expanding your product offerings to include signage and more will only serve you, your clients, and your partners better in the long run. If you’re interested in seeing what Erie Custom Signs has available in terms of prefabricated office signage, visit our e-commerce store today. You can also view our sign families, which can be customized as needed.

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