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Erie Custom Signs Takes Part in Record-Breaking Sign Expo

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We were thrilled to be able to take part in the ISA International Sign Expo once again this year in Las Vegas. When we registered, we knew the event was growing annually… but we had no idea it would be a record-breaking year for the ISA Sign Expo!

The trade show floor for the event sold out months in advance, with a waiting list for exhibit space of dozens of different companies. Registrations supposedly came in at an even faster pace than last year’s, which event organizers said was the strongest year for the Expo in about a decade.

The educational sessions and meetings that occur the couple days before the trade show itself opens its doors were also extremely well-attended this year. Registration for those educational sessions was the strongest it’s been since the ISA began tracking attendance at the events. Additionally, the National Sign Research and Education Conference, an event hosted by the Sign Research Foundation, was also sold out.

The event is moving to Orlando next year, and the ISA has already said it will expand the event based on this year’s massive success.

The event was truly a sight to behold. We saw a lot of outstanding innovation in the world of signage, as well as a lot of fresh takes on old ideas.

One article that came out about the event summed up what was one of the biggest trends seen at it. “Print Is the ‘New Media’ at ISA Sign Expo” goes into detail about how standard print media actually had some of the most impressive offerings as the event. While there were certainly plenty of new and exciting features and technologies presented, it is always interesting to see (and read about) how companies are taking simple, classic approaches to signage and marketing and making them their own.

It was great to get out to the ISA Sign Expo to learn from other major names in the signage industry. We look forward to applying what we’ve learned and continue growing as a premier wholesale ADA signage provider!

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