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An Overview of Custom ADA-Compliant Signage for a Variety of Markets

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Most business owners understand they’re legally required to have ADA signs in place, particularly if their buildings are open to the public. However, many are a little frustrated by the necessity, usually because they assume these displays must look a certain way to be considered compliant. At Erie Custom Signs, we aim to let business owners (and fellow sign shop owners) know that custom ADA-compliant signage can and should be used for a variety of markets. 

Of course, the ADA has outlined quite a few guidelines for interior signage. And because of this, displays need to have certain characteristics in terms of font, text size, contrast, pictograms, and placement. That said, there’s actually a lot of flexibility when it comes to overall design. 

Ultimately, having customized signage in place—including displays that are there to ensure everyone has equal access—can benefit organizations of all types. 

How Custom ADA-Compliant Signage Benefits Businesses

Whether you’re looking to update your own signs or working with a client, it’s well worth educating yourself on the benefits of unique displays that meet compliance guidelines. You may not realize it, but custom ADA-compliant signage can go a long way toward improving any building.  

Here’s how…

1) It helps enforce brand consistency. 

As mentioned above, there’s a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to ADA sign design. By partnering with Erie Custom Signs, for example, you can request specific colors, fonts, graphics, and even shapes. That way, you get custom ADA-complaint signage that fits your or your client’s brand identity. As a result, the new ADA signs you receive will match the look and feel of existing displays, which helps enforce brand consistency and increases the chances of visitors remembering the brand.

2) It allows for easier navigation. 

ADA signs ensure that everyone who enters a building can navigate it easily. They indicate where to go in case of an emergency, what specific rooms are for, and so on. However, it’s easy for nondescript signage to go overlooked.

Custom ADA-compliant signage, on the other hand, tends to stand out more. It grabs the attention of passersby so that directions and other key navigational information doesn’t go unnoticed. With such displays, business owners can feel confident new customers and staff members can find their way around with ease. 

3) It creates a positive atmosphere. 

Signs can have a huge impact on a business’s atmosphere, and customers take note of it. Those who visit a business for the first time form their initial impression based on their overall experience. If they find the building easy to navigate based on the attractive, informative signage on its walls, they’ll be more likely to return. 

4) It communicates business quality. 

Many consumers associate the quality of a business’s signage with the quality of the business’s service and offerings. In fact, research conducted just a few years ago revealed that roughly 68% of consumers share this belief. And it doesn’t just apply to outdoor signs…

By getting custom ADA-compliant signage, businesses can encourage visitors to take a positive view. Investing in carefully designed interior signs demonstrates that a business cares about making a good impression and providing equal access to everyone. 

5) It presents important information. 

With custom ADA-compliant signage, you or your client can make sure important information is presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. This helps provide a more positive customer experience. And, as a bonus, it reduces the amount of time front desk personnel spend answering frequently asked questions.  

What Markets We Serve at Erie Custom Signs

 Red operations sign with logo in corner as an example of custom sign from Erie Custom Signs.

All businesses and organizations (and the sign shops that work with them) need to be aware of ADA standards in terms of the signage they use on their properties. At Erie Custom Signs, we are pleased to offer custom ADA-compliant signage for a variety of markets, designed according to your or your client’s brand identity and unique specifications.

Some of the verticals we specialize in include the following:


The customization options we offer, along with our full range of high-quality materials and expertise in all things ADA, make Erie Custom Signs the go-to source for custom ADA-compliant signage. If you’re interested in ordering compliant displays that are unique to your or your client’s brand, reach out today! Just click HERE to request a free, no-strings-attached quote. 

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