Help Your Clients Create a Welcoming Atmosphere with Interior Church Signs

No matter where your sign shop is located, there are undoubtedly several places of worship in your area. And if you’re not already doing business with such organizations, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your revenue by selling interior church signs. 

Like many public facilities, churches receive a number of visitors each week. They open their doors to both longtime members and interested parties. 

As such, it’s important for church leadership to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Doing so can solidify the relationship between the church and current members, as well as encourage new individuals to join. 

And as a sign shop owner, you can help church clients achieve that goal by providing them with signs that highlight important information, simplify navigation, and support the church’s branding efforts.       

However, if this is a new market for your business, it’s worth looking at the specific ways in which interior church signs can benefit your clients.


Understanding why such displays are so important makes it much easier to work with organizations in this sphere. If you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to potential clients, you can build the foundation for a long and prosperous partnership. 

Let’s dive in.  

Why Interior Church Signs Are a Must

Given that many places of worship have large, colorful signs installed outside (with digital displays becoming increasingly more common), it’s safe to say that exterior signage is often prioritized over interior signage.  

And this shouldn’t be the case.

Though it’s true that outdoor signage is what brings people in, it’s interior signage that has an impact on visitor experience. Having the right displays installed in the right places can go a long way toward making visitors feel safe and comfortable, which is—after all—what places of worship should strive for.

For example…

  • A directory installed near the front door makes it easier for newcomers to navigate an unfamiliar building. 
  • Restroom signs with graphics allow young visitors and non-English speakers to locate the right restroom.
  • Exit signs placed at appropriate points show visitors and staff where to go in the event of an emergency.
  • A bulletin board can alert visitors to upcoming events and other important information. 

It’s vital to remind each church client that their building is a place of community, so those who walk through the front door should feel welcome. 

Although it’s largely up to the staff to foster that connection with current and future members, the choices made with regard to tangible features such as signage have an effect as well. 

What to Consider When Fabricating Interior Church Signs

When you’re working with a church client, you should keep in mind that they may not have an exact vision of how they want their signs to look. Unlike traditional businesses with more resources at their disposal, churches don’t often possess a style guide they use for all of their marketing materials and signage.

That’s why it’s worth sitting down with a client and getting the following details before proceeding to the next step.

1) What kind of interior church signs are they looking for?

As you would with any other business that enlists your help, you’ll want to ask your church client about the type of signs they’re looking for. 

Are they in need of directional signs, restroom signs, stair signs, exit signs, room signs, or directories? 

Are they doing a complete overhaul of their signage and need all of the above?

Are they just in the market for decorative signs featuring the church’s name?

2) How many displays are needed?

Once you’ve determined the type of signage your client needs, you’ll need to find out how many they require. 

Make sure to ask about the number of rooms, exits, and other areas where the signs will be installed. It’s possible the client won’t have an exact number in mind, but the closer you can get the better. This will ensure you can provide an accurate quote for the project. 

3) What colors does the client like/dislike?

To avoid dissatisfaction with the finished product, make sure to ask about your client’s preferred color choices beforehand. 

If there aren’t any specific shades they use often, have your team do some research on color psychology so you can offer suitable recommendations. 

4) Does the client have a logo?

Including the client’s logo on their interior church signs can reinforce their branding in visitors’ minds. 

If the client has a logo, suggest using it on all of their displays for the sake of consistency and branding.  

Of course, there are more specific questions you’ll want to ask your church client (especially if you’ve never worked with them before), but those listed above will give you some insight into what they’re looking for and how you should proceed. 

Before we wrap things up, there’s one more aspect of selling interior church signs that’s worth addressing—how the ADA applies to churches. 

How the ADA Applies to Churches

Most of the businesses you work with will need to have ADA signage in place, per Title III of the ADA, which refers to public accommodations and commercial facilities. 

However, churches and other places of worship are not covered under Title III, as they’re not considered public accommodations.

Does this mean you should forgo recommending that a client’s interior church signs be ADA compliant?

Not at all.

Though such organizations are not legally required to adhere to ADA rules and regulations, they’re still strongly recommended to do so.


  • Hanging ADA-compliant signage helps foster a sense of inclusion among all visitors, including those with visual impairments. 
  • Though other features needed to achieve ADA compliance may require a larger investment, signage can make a significant impact for a relatively low cost.
  • If a church is used for another purpose—such as a polling location or meeting place for private groups—ADA rules may apply.  
Click for a custom quote on ADA signage.


The value of interior church signs shouldn’t be overlooked—by you or your potential church clients.

If you’ve been thinking about breaking into this market, make sure you stress the importance of interior signage and recommend adhering to ADA rules as well.

And if you’re unable to fill a client’s order for custom interior church signs that meet ADA guidelines, reach out to Erie Custom Signs for a quote

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