CNC Routing

CNC routing is frequently used by businesses in the signage industry. But, not every sign shop has the space or funds for a high-quality machine. That’s why many sign shops opt to partner with one that does have such capabilities. That way, they can reap the benefits of the equipment without making the investment.

At Erie Custom Signs, we invest in top-of-the-line equipment to perform a number of tasks, including CNC routing for signage. Our skilled team has significant experience in CNC routing, which means sign shops that outsource their orders to Erie Custom Signs can feel confident the job will be done correctly and on time.

What role does CNC routing play in sign manufacturing?

CNC routing—the use of a computer-operated cutting machine to shear various hard materials—has become extremely popular among sign manufacturers. When linked to sign design software, CNC routing allows fabricators to cut and shape materials according to their exact specifications.

This process offers a number of benefits:

  • The product quality is improved, and the risk of errors is significantly decreased.
  • The signage options available to clients are expanded, as a CNC router can cut acrylic, aluminum, and various other materials.
  • Due to the precision of CNC routing, there’s much less material waste than with other cutting methods.
  • With CNC routing, teams can greatly reduce production time and get orders completed quicker.
  • The equipment used for CNC routing can also be utilized in several other applications.

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What equipment is used for CNC routing?

At Erie Custom Signs, we use the best equipment on the market to ensure that each finished product is up to our standards. For CNC routing purposes, we use a 24” x 48” Vision 2448 Router.

The Vision 2448 Router can be used for a wide variety of applications, including the following:

  • Volume production work
  • Large signage
  • Industrial marking
  • Multiple plate jobs

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems has been manufacturing computerized marking systems and accessories for nearly four decades, which is why we trust their machinery for CNC routing purposes. With our Vision 2448 Router, our team can cut virtually any material to create the signage another shop or end user needs.

Additionally, all of Vision Engraving & Routing Systems’ products are manufactured in Arizona. For sign shops that outsource their orders to Erie Custom Signs, this is a major selling point. Clients can feel good about the fact that every aspect of their signage—from the machinery used to cut the material to the completed sign itself—was made here in the United States.

How is CNC routing performed?

Acrylic Routing

  • First, we begin the routing process by opening the job and setting it up on our simulated table using the appropriate software. Once that’s complete, we go over to the actual table in our routing department and set up the material.
  • Second, after selecting the appropriate height on our Vision 2448 Router, we choose our bit based upon the type of material we’re working with.
  • Third, we then use the attached instrument to set the height before turning on the vacuum and motor so the machine can do its job.

Once the material has been cut, we clean it up before sending it over to the next department.

Aluminum Routing

The aluminum-cutting process is slightly different, as we need to use a micrometer to measure the thickness of the material.

  • First, the number is put into the system so that the machine knows how to deep to cut.
  • Second, after an aluminum-specific bit has been selected, we lay out double-sided tape to prevent the sheet from slipping.
  • Third, we measure the height of our material before putting the numbers we get from our micrometer into the system. The Vision 2448 then cuts the aluminum according to our specifications.
  • Fourth, during the actual routing, we spray a mixture of water and alcohol to keep the drill bit from getting too hot and melting the material.
  • Fifth, after the material has been cut, we check the edges to make sure they’re clean. If necessary, we use a sanding block to smooth out any rough corners.

When that’s finished, the piece is sent over to the appropriate department so it may be completed according to the order submitted.

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Why choose Erie Custom Signs for CNC routing of signage?

As previously mentioned, we invest in top-of-the-line machinery that’s housed in our own spacious facility. The equipment we use, specifically the Vision 2448 Router, makes the routing process as quick and efficient as possible. As a result, your clients get the high-quality signage they’ve come to expect from your own business in a timely manner.

By partnering with Erie Custom Signs or merely outsourcing some of your orders to our team, you’ll have all the advantages of a larger sign shop without having to spend the money on equipment or time on training your own employees. Small orders, large orders, and everything in between can be handled by our team and sent back to you so it may be delivered to your own client.

Additionally, since every one of our departments performs a multistep procedure for quality assurance, those outsourcing their signage to us can feel confident their clients will be pleased with the end result. We go the extra mile to ensure that every sign we produce meets our high standards. Regardless of what project you need completed, you can trust our team will demonstrate the utmost care and attention to detail.

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