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More Cities Making ADA Compliance a Key Part of Planning

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As ADA lawsuits have proliferated in areas across the country, more cities of all sizes are taking the initiative to make city ADA compliance a key part of their city planning.

One recent example is the city of Danville, Illinois. City officials identified a number of ADA noncompliance issues at fire stations, parks and various other properties owned by the city during a routine self-evaluation of all city-owned facilities and services. Now, the city is putting together its own ADA transition plan, which is available for public comment through mid-December.

Some specific examples of problems the city found at the various properties include:

The city has already taken the initiative to plan for some short-term improvements, including implementing new ADA-compliant signage at the Mass Transit transfer station and other facilities. Because the city has limited funding, it will upgrade its facilities on a tiered basis, with more difficult-to-implement improvements being part of longer-term plans. Signage, however, is relatively inexpensive and easy to implement, making it an ideal short-term improvement option.

Erie Custom Signs can help with ADA compliance

With more businesses and city agencies than ever before making ADA compliance a priority, sign shops would do well to stock up on ADA compliant signage. Erie Custom Signs mass produces ADA compliant signage in generic designs, or is capable of handling any specific, creative design you need to fulfill for your customers.

ADA compliant signage has specific requirements regarding contrast of colors between background and text, types of fonts that are used, size of lettering, use of Braille and more.

Our team is pleased to work as an ADA signage wholesaler for other sign shops around the United States. For more information, contact our team today at Erie Custom Signs. We look forward to working with you and allowing you to increase your ADA signage offerings to your customers.

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