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California Restroom Signs | Title 24 | AB 1732

california restroom sign female handicap symbol brushed aluminum

california restroom sign unisex handicap symbol brushed aluminum

california restroom sign male handicap symbol brushed aluminum

Are you looking to update the ADA signage within your facility? If your organization happens to be located in California, it’s crucial you purchase displays that meet both federal and state guidelines.

Fortunately, we offer a number of California restroom signs in our e-commerce store, so you have the opportunity to order attractive, durable signage that will fit your building’s aesthetic and ensure ADA compliance.

Why choose Erie Custom Signs for California restroom signs

If your California-based business is in need of ADA-compliant signage, it’s in your best interest to obtain new displays from a sign shop that is well versed in the rules at both the state and federal level.

As Erie Custom Signs has been fabricating ADA signage for years, you can trust that all California restroom signs you obtain from us will help keep your facility up to code.

Further, since you undoubtedly have a strict budget and timeframe you must stick to, you’ll appreciate the fact that our e-commerce store allows you to get the California restroom signs you need quickly, easily, and affordably.

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What are the advantages of California restroom signs?

  • Compliance: If you’re located in “The Golden State,” purchasing displays that have been made according to both state and federal guidelines can reduce the chances of your business getting hit by ADA-related fines or lawsuits. Though having the appropriate signage is only one aspect of ADA compliance, it’s extremely important.
  • Affordability: California restroom signs are a cost-effective way to identify the washrooms in your facility. And by shopping in our e-commerce store, you can get the displays you need for even less than you may expect.
  • Easy identification: Per state law, restroom signs must include geometric figures that indicate whether the restroom is meant for men, women, or all genders. As natives of “The Golden State” are familiar with these figures, your visitors and staff members will have a much easier time locating the correct washroom.
  • Staff and visitor satisfaction: California restroom signs are designed to ensure accessibility for all individuals, particularly those with visual impairments. By making sure your facility is fitted with ADA-compliant California restroom signs, you can provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for all who visit your business.

What features must California restroom signs have?

In addition to following national guidelines for ADA restroom signage, businesses located in California must adhere to the state’s own set of rules under Title 24 of the Building Standards Code.

This means that, in most cases, public facilities must have 2 signs in place to identify each restroom—a geometric display and a federal ADAAG display.

1)      Geometric Display

  • Men’s restrooms are indicated by a 1/4-inch thick equilateral triangle with 12-inch edges.
  • Women’s restrooms are identified by a 1/4-inch thick circle with a 12-inch diameter.
  • The color of the geometric symbols must contrast with the door they’re identifying.
  • Gender pictograms and ISA symbols are not required on the geometric display.

california title 24 restroom sign women brushed aluminum

all gender restroom sign california brushed aluminum

california title 24 restroom signs men brushed aluminum

2)      Federal ADAAG Display

  • Standard ADA-compliant California restroom signs must have tactile text designating the gender access to the restroom, with the Braille translation directly beneath it.
  • Signage must have domed, Grade 2 Braille with California spacing (0.100 inches between 2 dots in the same cell; 0.300 inches between corresponding dots in adjacent cells; 0.025 to 0.037 inches between corresponding dots from 1 cell directly below).

It’s also important to note that California Assembly Bill 1732 puts forth additional requirements for single-occupancy restrooms in public facilities. Such restrooms are required to be accessible to everyone, which means gender-neutral restroom signs are needed per AB 1732.

1)      Geometric Display

  • Geometric ADA-compliant California restroom signs for single-occupancy restrooms must be identified by a 1/4-inch thick equilateral triangle with 12-inch edges within a 1/4-inch thick circle with a 12-inch diameter.
  • No pictogram, text, or Braille is required on the geometric display, though graphics are often recommended.

2)      Federal ADAAG Display

  • Standard ADA-compliant California restroom signs must have tactile text designating open access (e.g., All Gender Restroom, Unisex Restroom, Restroom), with the Braille translation directly beneath it.

Looking for custom restroom signage for your facility? We can also create California restroom signs with the graphics, colors, and design of your choosing.

Examples of our Custom California Restroom Signs include:

Custom California Restroom Signs Title 24

Custom California Restroom Signs Title 24 AB 1732

Custom California Restroom Signs Title 24 AB 1732

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