The Biggest Benefits of Interior Signage for Businesses

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Interior Signage vs. Exterior Signage

Some business owners are under the impression that interior signage (though useful) has less of an impact than exterior signage. After all, it’s the displays installed outside the building that bring people in, right?

While it’s true that exterior signage is important for drawing customers into a business, interior signage can help improve the overall customer experience, increasing the likelihood of visitors returning.

Think about it… If individuals are able to learn about your organization, discover helpful information, and navigate your building with ease—all just by reading the signs you have hanging in your building—they’ll leave with a much higher level of satisfaction.

That’s why business owners need to give more thought to the displays they hang inside their buildings.  

By obtaining a wide range of interior signage that’s attractive, legible, and compliant (if necessary), organizations can present a positive image of themselves to current and future customers.

Plus, doing so allows you to reap a number of benefits you may not have considered…

But first, it’s worth looking at exactly what options you have available to you when it comes to interior signage.

Examples of Interior Signage

Interior signage is a broad category, so it should come as no surprise to learn that various types of displays fall into this group.

It’s important to note that the above list is not exhaustive, as any display installed inside of a building is then considered interior signage. However, these are the most common types that business owners use in their facilities.

Why is this important?

Choosing the right signs to install in your building allows you to reap a number of benefits and elevate your organization to new heights. And when you take it a step further and ensure that your displays meet ADA compliance standards, you’ll enjoy even greater advantages.

Just consider the following…

The Benefits of Interior Signage

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why you should outfit your business or organization with ADA-compliant interior signage:

1) It helps with branding.

Creating a first impression is extremely important, especially when your organization routinely receives new visitors. By having custom signs installed throughout your building, particularly in the lobby or welcome area, you can represent your brand better.

Aside from the actual messaging and text, you can customize these signs with your logo, slogan, company colors, and anything else that you would want people to associate with your brand. Having such elements in all of (or at least the majority of) your signs reinforces your brand identity in your customers’ minds.

As a result, individuals will be more likely to keep your organization top of mind.

2) It provides in-house advertisements and information.

Just because you already have customers in the building doesn’t mean you cannot still effectively advertise to them. For example, you could draw your customers’ attention to certain sales or promotions you have going on. If you are placing signs in a medical facility, you could provide people with information about preventing a specific type of illness.

There are still plenty of options to give people important information after they have already crossed your threshold.

3) It improves your overall atmosphere.

Wall graphics, murals, and signage can all really help liven up your space. While there are definitely branding benefits to this as well, it’s simply nice to not have a whole lot of blank, cold walls surrounding your customers and visitors at all times.

By incorporating colorful, attractive interior signage throughout your facility, you can make your visitors feel more welcome and improve their perception of your company. Plus, it creates a more pleasant environment for your employees.

4) It allows you to create a seasonal feel.

Signs are easily taken down and swapped out for replacements on a regular basis. As a result, you can change the entire feel of your business from season to season simply by changing out your signage!

For example, if there are nonessential displays you use for promotions and holidays, consider having them customized according to your exact specifications.

5) It assists you in achieving ADA compliance.

You are required by federal law under the Americans with Disabilities Act to have certain types of signage in your building. This includes signage noting handicap accessible areas, bathrooms, changing rooms, and more. You cannot ensure your compliance with the ADA unless you work with a specialized provider of signs that fulfill ADA regulations.

By enlisting the help of a business with expertise in ADA regulations, you can get high-quality interior signage that possesses the appropriate font, colors, and other elements.


Though it’s exterior signage that brings people into a building, it’s interior signage that gets them to stay.

If you don’t have attractive, helpful displays in your building, you risk running into a number of issues, including…

However, by putting the time and resources into new signs, you can avoid such problems and create a warm, welcoming, easy-to-navigate environment for everyone who walks into your facility.

For more information about our interior signage for offices, click here!

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