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5 Benefits of Having Employee Name Plates for Cubicles

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Have you been tasked with revamping your office over the coming months? In that case, you’ve probably started making a list of things to change. But there may be one item you’ve overlooked—signage. If you haven’t given any thought to adding employee name plates for cubicles in your office, it’s something to consider.   

Although hanging signs on your staff members’ workstations may seem like a minor upgrade, it can have a significant impact on your office overall. In fact, there are a lot more benefits to cubicle name plates than you may realize. But before we hit on those, it’s worth discussing what types of businesses should purchase and install such displays. 

What Types of Businesses Should Have Employee Name Plates?

Ultimately, any business that has cubicles or other workstations set up for employees should have name plates in place. 

Even if you don’t have employee name plates for cubicles in your own office, chances are you’ve seen them before. These displays can be found throughout virtually every type of work environment imaginable. And they should be! 

Here’s why…

The primary purpose of these displays is to identify the staff members occupying individual spaces throughout the building. So, at the very least, they serve to keep work areas organized and give employees a sense of ownership over their stations. That alone should make them a critical part of any office.  

Some common examples of businesses that use name plates to their advantage include the following:

That said, you can still reap the benefits of installing these displays no matter the size of your organization or the industry you’re in. 

5 Benefits of Employee Name Plates for Cubicles

Empty hallway in modern office lined by cubicles with employee name plates.

Even though employee name plates for cubicles are frequently seen in offices just like yours, you may want additional proof they’re a wise investment. After all, you probably have a strict budget for your remodeling project. And you need to make the most of it by choosing upgrades that will actually improve the office. 

Rest assured, you have a lot to gain by adding these displays to your work environment. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you can look forward to…

1) Improved Office Navigation

As mentioned previously, the purpose of name plates is to identify the staff members who work in your office. So, as you can imagine, mounting them to the cubicles in your work environment can make navigation a lot simpler. It allows visitors and other employees to easily find the people they want to speak with. As soon as they come across the display with the individual’s name, they’ll know they’re in the right place. 

A bonus is that it can help save time and increase productivity. When people don’t have to run around the office, peeking around cubicles and asking who sits where, they can spend more time working on their individual tasks. 

2) Higher Employee Morale

The addition of employee name plates for cubicles can also go a long way toward boosting morale among your staff. Having a display that lists their name (and possibly other details, such as their job title, their department, and the company logo) gives each team member a feeling of importance and recognition. Instead of an unlabeled area that anyone could fill, they have a workstation that acknowledges their personal identity. 

Though it doesn’t seem like much, adding name plates can demonstrate that the business values every employee and appreciates their contribution. If you’ve noticed a drop in morale recently, you may be surprised by the effect new name plates can have.      

3) Enhanced Branding & Aesthetics

Depending on where you order your cubicle name plates from, you may be able to customize these displays with your company’s colors and logo, which can reinforce your branding efforts. In addition to making staff members feel like part of the same team, going this route can get visitors more familiar with your logo and your brand as a whole. Plus, it can ensure a consistent look and feel throughout your building. 

Moreover, having attractive, professional-looking name plates attached to cubicles can enhance the aesthetics of your office. Installing such displays shows that the company cares about its appearance, which both visitors and employees will notice. And, of course, it helps keep work areas looking neat and orderly. 

4) Easy Management & Cost-Effectiveness

No matter what type of business you work for, there are bound to be personnel changes over time. Unfortunately, shifting things around when a staff member…

…can be a hassle, especially when it comes to relabeling their workstation. However, employee name plates with changeable inserts allow for easy management. All you have to do is switch out the insert as needed, with a new label featuring either the existing employee’s updated title or the new employee’s name. 

Another advantage is that it’s a budget-friendly way of keeping cubicle identification current. You don’t have to spend money on brand-new signs. Instead, you can simply swap out the insert and leave the holder as is. 

5) Greater Convenience for New Staff

Installing employee name plates for cubicles can also increase convenience and eliminate stress for new staff members. With such displays, you can relieve them of the burden of learning everyone’s name and place in the office right off the bat. They can use the name plates to determine who works in what position, removing the potential awkwardness of forgetting someone’s name. Plus, they can familiarize themselves with the office layout more quickly. 

Make no mistake—having the appropriate signage in place can do a lot to integrate new team members and help them feel at ease. 

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As you can see, there are several benefits to purchasing and installing employee name plates for cubicles in your office—from improved navigation to greater convenience for new staff members. And best of all, they’re suitable for any type of business! So, if you’ll be updating your office soon, be sure to add these displays to your list. View the selection of ready-made cubicle signs in our e-commerce store today. Or, if you’d like custom displays made, request a no-strings-attached quote.  

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