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Become an Erie Custom Signs Wholesale Partner or Provider!

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Erie Custom Signs is always looking for new Wholesale Partners or ADA Signage Resellers. Our experience, ordering process and turnaround time for any order size you have can create easy new revenue for your business.

When your customers have large projects for ADA compliant signage, they don’t want to have to get referred to another business to get their work done. They want to be able to continue to work with the company they trust. Plus, why should your business want to send clients away somewhere else? Why not give them everything they need yourself?

Rather than letting ADA compliance get in the way of you being able to serve your clients to the fullest extent, you can partner with Erie Custom Signs. We are a team of ADA interior signage experts who are able to handle projects of all types and sizes with an impeccable attention to detail, even when you have to detail with quick turnaround times or short lead times for your projects.

Our team partners with sign shops to deliver the same standards of quality your customers have come to love you for. In the meantime, you are able to collect revenue for supplying these signs that goes right back into your company. It’s a win/win scenario for everyone involved in the process.

We offer our ADA compliant signage in materials such as:

We are also capable of manufacturing signs in a variety of other material mediums while still meeting even the strictest demands of your clients. Every size order we get receives the exact same quality and attention to detail—this is our promise to everyone we work with, and we make good on it.

The process is simple. Use our provided tools to collect the information you need about your client’s project. Then share the details with our sales team to get a quote to give to your client. After that, we go to work for you, creating the signs efficiently and affordably. You get additional revenue while delivering a new, much-needed product to your customers.

Contact us today for more information about how to partner with us as a wholesaler or retailer!

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"Erie Custom Signs rocks! The signs they made for me look absolutely fabulous! I’m so grateful for their patience and flexibility during the design phase, and the quick turnaround to get my order here in time for the final inspection. They have been great to work with, and I hope to do so again in the near future." Dawn Gilman, Crystal Lake Engraving
"Erie Custom Signs did an awesome job. Thanks to Mike and the team for such prompt service. They’re now my go-to for ADA signage." Greg Haskell, Hwy 35 Signs
"The Erie team is always expedient in their responses, and they continually meet our extremely tight deadlines. Their work is of the highest quality and their customer service is top notch! We really appreciate having a fabricator like Erie Custom signs. They are always up for a challenge and continually produce our unique sign designs." Beth Geddio
Erie Custom Signs is amazing! My subcontractor received the signs ahead of schedule, which will ensure that they are installed on time. Thank you again for your assistance in this quick turnaround. I will be using your company again in the future! Brian Whitecap, Tusick + Associates Architects, Inc.

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