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Erie Custom Signs Is Making Countertop Sneeze Guards/Safety Barriers

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The fight against COVID-19 is ongoing, which means that ensuring the health of essential workers and those they serve is a top priority. That’s why Erie Custom Signs has started using its manufacturing capabilities to address the personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage, producing face shields for health-care professionals and others in need. Recently, the team decided to take it a step further by adding countertop sneeze guards/safety barriers to the product line.  

Why Erie Custom Signs Is Now Manufacturing Safety Barriers

Erie Custom Signs is manufacturing safety barriers as a way to help businesses protect the health of their employees, their customers, and their communities. 

Although social-distancing measures have been put in place, people are still going out in public on occasion. A number of essential (and even some nonessential) businesses remain operational, and individuals must be able to get the things they need. To avoid potential COVID-19 infection during these face-to-face interactions, the use of PPE is key. 

In many places, masks and face coverings are now a requirement for those who go out in public during the pandemic. However, not every city/state has made it an official mandate. This means that some individuals run the risk of infecting others or becoming infected themselves if they don’t wear the proper PPE. 

Safety barriers provide an additional layer of protection, preventing the exchange of respiratory droplets that could carry the virus. 

Further, having these guards in place can prepare businesses for the “new normal” we’ll likely experience once the pandemic ends. 

Details on Countertop Sneeze Guards/Safety Barriers

Made with high-quality acrylic material, these countertop sneeze guards/safety barriers offer an additional layer of protection while maintaining a low level of visibility and an aesthetic quality that won’t intrude on a business’s atmosphere. 

These guards come in several sizes and styles, including…

As such, businesses can select the type of barriers that best fit their needs and budget. 

Doing Everything Possible to Keep the Public Safe

At Erie Custom Signs, the team is committed to keeping the public safe while providing clients with the products they need. We’re taking precautions to ensure the health of our employees and those we serve. And as we have a wide range of equipment and materials available to us, we’ll continue to use these assets in the fight against COVID-19.

We’ve got you covered!

To check out our selection of PPE, including the new safety barriers we’ve recently added to our product line, visit our online store HERE.  

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