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Erie Custom Signs: Truly Customized ADA Signage

There are numerous rules under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that regulate compliance standards for ADA signage in facilities of all types. At Erie Custom Signs, we provide ADA-compliant signs that have been produced specially for your company based on your design ideas and choices.

Erie Custom Signs has a number of top-grade machines and a wide selection of materials and design options that makes it easy to give your building the look and feel you want while making it more accessible and traversable for everyone.


Businesses of All Types Need ADA Signage

All businesses and organizations are subject to the rules outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This means sign shops must be well-stocked with ADA signage to ensure their varying clients will be able to use them as a one-stop location for all their signage needs.

Erie Custom Signs works with sign shops of all sizes to develop ADA signage, including generic template signage and uniquely designed and branded ADA compliant signage.

Click here to find out why ADA Signage is extremely beneficial for businesses in a variety of industries!


What to Know About Hanging ADA Signage in Your Facility

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) does not just provide guidelines for how signage should be designed; it also has clear guidelines for how those signs should be hung in public places.

Click here for some considerations to keep in mind as you mount ADA signage at your business or public facility!


ADA Compliant Fonts

One of the most important elements of making an ADA-compliant signage is ensuring the font complies with ADA rules.

Click here for the rules for font on ADA signage!


What Sign Shops Should Consider When Offering ADA Signage

While there are some shops that specialize in one or two specific types of signs, many offer wide varieties, including ADA-compliant and Braille signage.

If your sign shop is considering adding ADA compliant signage to your list of service offerings, click here for a few things you might want to consider!


Frequently Asked Questions About ADA Signage Compliance

If you have additional questions about ADA Signage that were not answered above, simply click here to see a list of FAQs about ADA Signage compliance, or give us a call at 989-754-8360

Our ADA Signage options include:


A preview of Assisted Living ADA Signage

Assisted Living Signage

A preview of restroom ADA Signage

ADA Restroom Signs

A preview of Compliance ADA Signage

Compliance Signs

A preview of Building Directory ADA Signage

Building Directory Signs

A preview of California Title 24 Restroom ADA Signage

California Title 24 ADA Restroom Signs

A preview of Name Insert ADA Signage

Name Insert ADA Signs

A preview of Room Number ADA Signage

Room Number Signs

A preview of Cubicle ADA Signage

Cubicle Signs, Cubicle Name Plates

A preview of Interior Framed ADA Signage

Interior Sign Systems – Frames

A preview of Standoff and Caps ADA Signage

Standoff and Caps Signs

A preview of Medical ADA Signage

Hospital – Medical Signage

A preview of School Room ADA Signage

School Room Signs

A preview of Hotel Room ADA Signage

Hotel Room Signs


How do I order custom ADA signage?

Customers begin by choosing their design, including the numbers and letters to be included on the sign, as well as colors, fonts, sizes and materials. We then develop these ada signs according to ADA guidelines based on your submitted design.

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