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Introducing ADA Sign Families: Customizable Designer Signs for Every Need

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There’s a common problem among those who need ADA signs for multiple spaces and applications: achieving a cohesive look. Typically, you’re limited to displays that don’t compliment the building or completely custom signs that don’t fit the budget. Neither option is ideal, which is why Erie Custom Signs has created several sign series (also referred to as “families”). We’ve already provided an overview of our Crystal Ice Series, Houghton Series, Frosted Acrylic Series, and Economy Series. Now we want to highlight the customizable designer signs from our other families and the advantages of going this route.  

Whether you’re shopping for ADA signage to install in your building or fulfill a client’s request, our catalog of sign families is worth considering. Ordering the displays you need from one of these groups can ensure your project is completed on time, on budget, and to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Here’s what to know…

Why Should You Consider Designer Signs from an ADA Sign Family?

Our ADA-compliant interior sign families have been a big hit with sign shops, contractors, end-users, and other professionals. Those struggling to find affordable, attractive signage for various rooms and functions can get exactly what they need by ordering from one of our series. And you can too! 

Here are some of the benefits these families offer…

For displays that need to meet ADA sign specifications, you can feel confident our sign families will deliver. All identification signs for permanent spaces (e.g., restrooms, exits, rooms, stairs) are fabricated with the elements addressed in the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. These include proper font, non-glare finish, Grade 2 braille, and more. 

If you’re on the hunt for high-quality signs that will stand the test of time, rest assured that’s what you’ll get from our ADA sign families. All the designer signs available from these series are crafted from durable materials such as acrylic and finished with long-lasting paint from Matthews Paint. Moreover, our skilled team uses the most advanced equipment and techniques to create each sign before performing a thorough quality assurance check.   

Whether you’ll be installing the displays yourself or not, you want the process to go smoothly. Fortunately, the signs from each family are easy to hang, and no special tools are required. Every order even comes with double-faced foam mounting tape for greater convenience. 

Of course, one of the greatest benefits of ordering designer signs from one of our ADA sign families is that you get a uniform look across displays. Each series has various sign types available, all having a similar appearance in style, color, and font. So, you don’t have to worry about displays varying from one room to the next or clashing with décor. Instead, you can look forward to attractive signs that share a common theme and fit the organization’s brand. 

The pricing of our customizable designer signs varies depending on which family you choose, how many signs you need, and what level of customization you prefer. That said, ordering from one of these series is a budget-friendly option overall. You can get a wide array of attractive, compliant displays for a more reasonable price than placing a completely custom order—without sacrificing quality.  

By ordering from one of our ADA sign families, you can also get an impressive turnaround on your order. Since there’s no need to create a design from scratch, our team can fabricate these displays faster than completely custom ones. In some cases, like with the Quick Ship Signs from our e-commerce store, you can have your order shipped out in as few as 1-2 business days, depending on the size. 

Many of our sign families include customizable designer signs that can be tailored to fit your needs. Each one has different tiers of customization available, starting with traditional. This means you have the opportunity to choose from a wide assortment of colors and materials. There’s even a selection of ADA-approved font options offered for each series.  

What Sign Families Are Available? 

Selection of turquoise signs from Erie Custom Signs’ Haven Series.
A variety of signs from Erie Custom Signs’ Haven Series.

As of today, there are nearly a dozen ADA-compliant sign families available. And each one has its own unique look and feel. The following series provide customizable designer signs but are not part of our Quick Ship Signs, meaning they take slightly longer to fabricate. 

As you may know already, we also have a handful of sign families available in our e-commerce store. These series are part of our Quick Ship Signs, which means orders can be shipped out much quicker. Each set of prefabricated signage also has its own distinguishing features. 

What Types of Signs Can You Get with Each Family?

What’s great about our ADA sign families is that each one has a large selection of sign types to choose from. As noted earlier, this allows you to get multiple displays for different spaces and applications that have the same look. The options can vary from one series to the next. However, here are some examples of what you can get when ordering customizable designer signs from the following: Bay, Haven, Leland, Wonder, Bridge, Alma, or Marshall.

California Restroom Signs

If your business or client is located in “The Golden State,” you need restroom signs that meet California standards to achieve compliance. Fortunately, our team has you covered. The geometric displays required by the state are available from each sign family.      

Cubicle Name Plates

Cubicle name plates are another type available from each series. These displays come with a convenient insert slot so that names can be switched out with ease. Because of this, they’re an excellent option for office environments.  


Each sign family also includes customizable designer signs that function as directories. These are especially convenient for buildings with multiple levels and offices. Further, the plates can be removed and changed out as needed. 

Restroom Signs

If you need new restroom signs, you can also get the necessary displays from any of our series. These signs include all the required characteristics, including 1/32” raised text and Grade 2 braille. Additionally, they’re available in different sizes and with easy-to-identify pictograms. 

Room ID & Number Signs

The task of labeling rooms in a building is also easy when you order from one of our series. In addition to room ID signs, each family has room number signs. With room ID signs, you can include the name(s) of your choosing. With room number signs, you can have the number itself or the number and a name insert slot.  

Stair Signs

Each family offers stair signs for safety and easy navigation. These displays make labeling stairwells a breeze. Plus, they include all the required elements for compliance.   

Evacuation Inserts

Although not required for compliance, evacuation displays are often necessary to adhere to building codes. Luckily, each sign family includes evacuation inserts that match all other signs. Plus, they can be updated easily, thanks to the paper insert slot. 

Directional Signs 

Finally, designer signs for directional purposes can be obtained from our series. These displays are recommended to guide visitors through a building and can be made with whatever text you need. 

Click here to check out our sign families!

Who Would Benefit from Ordering Designer Signs?

The designer signs from our ADA-compliant interior sign families can benefit anyone in need of attractive, cost-effective signage. As they’ve been developed to ensure consistency in look and feel across displays, they’re a great choice when multiple signs are required. And since we have so many sign families available, each with a different style, there’s one to fit every need. 

Ultimately, these signs can benefit virtually any establishment, including the following:


Getting multiple signs that have a similar look shouldn’t be a challenge. And it doesn’t have to be—not when Erie Custom Signs has several ADA-compliant interior sign families available. So, if you have a sign project coming up, consider ordering from one of our series. Whether you’re a sign professional, interior designer, architect, contractor, or end-user, you can trust that taking advantage of our customizable designer signs will be a wise choice. Learn more about our ADA-compliant interior sign families today!

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