ADA Restroom Signs

ADA Restroom Sign

ADA Restroom Sign

ADA Restroom Sign

In the market for ADA restroom signs? If your facility is open to the public, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure the restroom signs you purchase are 100% compliant.

Fortunately, when you shop in our e-commerce store, you can have peace of mind that any display you choose will be made according to ADA rules and regulations.

Why choose Erie Custom Signs for ADA restroom signs

If you need to update the restroom signs within your facility, you can trust that Erie Custom Signs has the tools, skills, and knowledge to do the job correctly. With years of experience in ADA sign fabrication and a team that stays up to date on all ADA news, Erie Custom Signs goes the extra mile to ensure our clients receive attractive, affordable, 100% compliant displays.

And with the introduction of our e-commerce store, those in need of ADA restroom signs can get them even quicker and easier than before. By taking advantage of our Quick Ship Signs, you can select the design you want, provide your payment information, and submit your order in minutes.

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What are the benefits of ADA restroom signs?

  • Compliance: Under the ADA, all permanent rooms in a public facility—such as bathrooms—are required to have compliant signage in place. By purchasing and installing ADA restroom signs in your facility, you can avoid incurring fines or being hit with lawsuits.
  • Inclusive environment: By adding ADA restroom signs to your facility, you can create a warm, welcoming environment and show that you care about all visitors and staff members.
  • Easy identification: In schools, for example, restroom signs with the appropriate male and female symbols can make identification much easier for non-English speaking individuals and younger students who are unable to read.
  • Affordability: ADA restroom signs are an affordable option for those who need to ensure bathrooms are identified in a clear manner—especially when you take advantage of our e-commerce store.

What characteristics should an ADA-compliant restroom sign have?

ADA Restroom Sign

ADA Restroom Sign

ADA Sign

  1. Raised and braille characters with pictorial symbols: All letters and numbers must be raised by 1/32 inch in upper case, be in sans serif or simple serif font types, and have Grade 2 Braille. All raised characters must be at least 5/8 inches high, but should not be any higher than 2 inches. Pictograms placed on restroom signs should also have a written description of the picture directly below it. Additionally, the border dimension of the pictogram should be at least 6 inches in height.
  2. Finish and contrast: The background and characters on ADA restroom signs should have matte, eggshell, or another type of non-glare finish. Symbols and characters must have a stark contrast with the background—either light characters on a dark background or vice versa. The recommended amount of contrast is 70%.
  3. Mounting specifications: If restroom signs are mounted permanently to a wall, they should be placed on the wall that is adjacent to the side of the door with the latch or handle. For double-leaf doors, signs should be mounted on the closest adjacent wall. The specific location for mounting should be 60 inches above the floor to the center of the sign. Further, the sign should be mounted in a location where anyone can approach within 3 inches of the sign without running into objects or standing in the area where the door would swing out.
  4. Accessibility symbols: Any symbols used on restroom signs should follow the international symbol of accessibility.

Additionally, California has its own strict guidelines for how ADA restroom signs should be designed, which is why businesses located in “The Golden State” should enlist the help of a sign fabricator familiar with the state’s specific regulations.

Need a unique design or color scheme? We can create custom restroom signs with graphics, colors, and templates to fit your business’ personality!

Examples of our Custom Restroom Signs include:

ADA Standoff Restroom Sign

ADA Standoff Restroom Sign

ADA Unisex Restroom Sign

ADA Public Restroom Sign

"Erie Custom Signs rocks! The signs they made for me look absolutely fabulous! I’m so grateful for their patience and flexibility during the design phase, and the quick turnaround to get my order here in time for the final inspection. They have been great to work with, and I hope to do so again in the near future." Dawn Gilman, Crystal Lake Engraving
"Erie Custom Signs did an awesome job. Thanks to Mike and the team for such prompt service. They’re now my go-to for ADA signage." Greg Haskell, Hwy 35 Signs
"The Erie team is always expedient in their responses, and they continually meet our extremely tight deadlines. Their work is of the highest quality and their customer service is top notch! We really appreciate having a fabricator like Erie Custom signs. They are always up for a challenge and continually produce our unique sign designs." Beth Geddio
Erie Custom Signs is amazing! My subcontractor received the signs ahead of schedule, which will ensure that they are installed on time. Thank you again for your assistance in this quick turnaround. I will be using your company again in the future! Brian Whitecap, Tusick + Associates Architects, Inc.

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