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7 Important Questions to Ask When Selling ADA Signage

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Sign shop owners can attest to the fact that it’s rare to receive an order request from a potential client that outlines their exact specifications. After all, those who enlist the help of a sign shop aren’t usually knowledgeable about materials, fonts, etc. That’s why it takes a few conversations before a sign can really start to take form…

As with any display, there are certain questions that need to be asked when selling ADA signage to a prospective client. However, selling ADA signage differs in that sign professionals must ensure that a finished product meets the client’s expectations and adheres to ADA regulations.

Because of this, sign shop owners working with a new client must get a little more detail than what they’d need for, let’s say, a trade show banner.

To make it easier for those who are attempting to break into this market, we’ve highlighted 7 important questions to ask when selling ADA signage.  

1)     Where will the signage be installed?

First and foremost, sign professionals should ask their clients where in the building the ADA signage will be installed. The answer to this question is important because ADA regulations vary depending on where a sign is placed.

For example, signs that are hung outside a doorway to identify a permanent room or space are required to have raised characters and Braille. Signs that are installed throughout hallways to provide visitors with directions or information do not need to possess these elements.

If a prospective client has specific artwork or a logo they like to incorporate in all of their materials, that design can be implemented in their ADA signage as well. Though many people assume that ADA signage has to be boring and uniform in appearance, there’s actually a fair amount of flexibility in terms of what such signs can look like.

If the client doesn’t have anything of that nature, it gives the sign shop the opportunity to upsell the order by designing a brand-new logo for them.

3)     Are there specific colors they like or dislike?

As with creating any type of display for a client, getting input on color for ADA signage beforehand is essential. Otherwise, sign professionals run the risk of having to go through multiple rounds of drafts before a final design can be decided upon.

When selling ADA signage, it’s also important to remember that, per ADA guidelines, a high degree of contrast between the text and background is required. As such, sign professionals need to determine the client’s color preference and use that information to select contrasting shades accordingly.

4)     What is the sign’s intended use?

As previously mentioned, finding out where a display will be installed and what it will be used for is vital when selling ADA signage. If a sign doesn’t have the elements required for its particular application, it will fail to meet ADA compliance, leaving the client vulnerable to fines and/or lawsuits.

In addition to asking the client where the sign will be placed, sign professionals should discover what the sign’s intended purpose will be and whether it will be a permanent or temporary display.

5)     Have they done any research on the type of signage they need?

In selling ADA signage, it’s worth finding out how much research the client has done ahead of time. While some business owners will take a deep dive into the subject before reaching out to a sign shop, others may only go as far as learning that they need to have ADA signs in their building.

There are several criteria that must be met for a sign to achieve compliance, and they don’t always mesh well with a client’s request. It’s important to gauge the client’s knowledge during the initial conversation so that potential issues can be addressed before getting too far into the fabrication process.

6)     What is their budget?

Knowing how much a client can afford to spend is critical when selling ADA signage (or any type for that matter). Having a number in mind can help sign professionals make better recommendations in terms of design work, material, and more.

Determining a client’s budget for ADA signage helps sign shop owners in selecting photopolymer versus Raster Braille, for instance. And in doing so, sign shop owners can further solidify their position as an authority on ADA sign fabrication in the client’s mind.

7)     What is their desired turnaround time?

If a client needs temporary ADA signage for an upcoming event or permanent ADA displays for their business’ grand opening, it’s important to have that information ahead of time. Obviously turnaround times vary depending on the sign shop’s workload and whether or not they have a third party to which they can outsource orders. However, knowing when an order needs to be delivered by helps in determining if it’s feasible.

Moreover, noting the client’s desired turnaround time can aid in deciding what process is best for their needs. For example, UV direct printing may be a better choice than vinyl decals if the client needs their signage quickly.


Sign shops have a number of things to consider when selling ADA signage. That’s why it’s important to gather as much information as possible from prospective clients.

By asking the questions listed above, sign professionals can provide better estimates, more valuable information, and higher-quality products. Plus, it can help in deciding whether or not they need to enlist the help of a third party

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