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4 Reasons Your Clients Need ADA Office Signs

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Are you missing out on the opportunity to upsell orders?

Without even realizing it, you may be leaving money on the table…

When an office manager enlists the help of a sign shop to craft custom signage and other displays, there’s a good chance he or she is placing the order without having all the facts—such as the need for (and benefits of) ADA office signs.

That’s why sign professionals must provide not only fabrication services but also valuable information that clients may not have. In doing so, sign shop owners can position themselves as a helpful resource for those in the market for displays. Plus, it opens the door for upsells and future orders.

When approached by an office manager looking to incorporate new displays in the company’s space, sign professionals should highlight the advantages of ADA-compliant office signage either in addition to or in place of traditional signage.

Here are 4 reasons your clients need ADA office signs…

1)     They Ensure ADA Compliance

First and foremost, ADA office signs do exactly what the name suggests—they ensure compliance with ADA rules and regulations. According to ADA law, buildings that are open to the public in any capacity must have certain features in place to allow accessibility for those with disabilities. This includes signage that meets specific criteria for easy readability.

Though the requirements for signage vary depending on whether the display is used for directional purposes or as a means of identifying a particular space in the building, the safest approach is to craft signs that can be easily seen from a distance. This means applying appropriate colors, text styles, text sizes, images, and more.

When working with an office manager to outfit his or her space with new displays, it’s well worth bringing up the fact that installing ADA office signs possessing such characteristics can greatly reduce the chances of being hit with noncompliance-related fines or lawsuits.

2)     They Create a Welcoming Environment

Along with the issue of legal compliance, ADA office signs address another important concern—the rights and privileges of those with disabilities. All ADA signage must have easy-to-read text and clearly visible images, but some must take it a step further with the addition of Braille writing as well. Such elements ensure that individuals with visual impairments can read and comprehend the information on these displays.

If the office in question frequently receives visitors, it’s in the company’s best interest to install ADA office signs that have raised letters and/or Braille. In doing so, they can create a welcoming environment in which visitors feel accepted and at ease. It can even generate some positive publicity for the company.

Further, the addition of such signage can foster a feeling of inclusiveness among staff members with disabilities, as well as future employees.

3)     They Can Improve Navigation

If a client works in a particularly large building, new employees and visitors may find it difficult to navigate the maze-like structure. That’s why office directories and directional signs are so highly recommended. By adding such signage to their facility, a client’s company can ensure that individuals are able to find their way around without a struggle.

When ADA office signs with large, raised text and Braille writing are also included, a company can improve navigation for all who enter the building, including those with visual impairments. As previously mentioned, not every sign is required to have Braille or raised characters; however, including such elements on as many signs as possible can make locating a desired room or space much easier.

Plus, ADA office signs that simplify navigation for those unfamiliar with the building can reduce the amount of frustration they might otherwise feel, as well as decrease the amount of time employees spend giving directions.

4)     They Can Enhance Interior Aesthetics

Many people are under the impression that ADA signage must be boring or adhere to strict rules regarding appearance. In reality, there’s a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to the color and style of such displays. In fact, the requirements that are in place can simply be incorporated into a design that matches or at least complements a client’s existing aesthetics.

When discussing ADA office signs with a client, sign professionals should stress how the addition of new, compliant signage can actually enhance the look of their building. With the right equipment, design expertise, and ADA knowledge, a sign professional can fabricate a set of ADA-compliant displays in attractive finishes with the company’s logo and color scheme.

The right signs can not only improve the look of a client’s space but also reinforce the brand image they’ve worked hard to create.


There are a number of reasons as to why office managers should consider adding ADA office signs to their space. Ultimately, it’s up to the sign professionals tasked with fulfilling such sign orders to educate their clients on those reasons.

By highlighting the benefits of having compliance signs installed in a client’s building (and the potential ramifications of not having them), sign shops can improve their credibility, better assist their clients, and increase sales.

Even those who don’t specialize in ADA signage can still upsell their clients’ orders by reaching out to an expert in the industry and outsourcing their orders to the third party. By choosing the right partner, sign shops can still maintain their reputation as a high-quality sign fabricator to clients without having to invest additional time, money, or space.

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