Erie Custom Signs Will Be at the 2021 Alliance Franchise Brands Convention & Trade Show

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The 2021 Alliance Franchise Brands Convention & Trade Show, scheduled for March 9-11, will be handled a little differently this year due to the ongoing pandemic. This annual event, which typically takes place in person, will be held virtually instead. However, sign shops that are planning to participate can enjoy an island experience, as the host will be bringing everyone to Tahiti—via their virtual platform, of course. 

Despite the change in venue, the 2021 Alliance Franchise Brands Convention & Trade Show will still provide attendees with all the great benefits this annual event is known for. The AFB family of marketing/print and sign/graphics brands will be able to do the following:

Being a reputable provider of ADA-compliant signage, Erie Custom Signs has strong partnerships with numerous franchise members. That’s why we will also be in attendance, allowing sign shops to explore the wide range of interior sign solutions that we have available.

For those that are part of the AFB network, this “unconventional” event will offer the chance to connect with other sign professionals and discover potential revenue-boosting opportunities.  

Here’s What to Expect at the 2021 Alliance Franchise Brands Convention & Trade Show

As mentioned previously, this year’s Alliance Franchise Brands Convention & Trade Show will take a virtual format. That said, this shift in the event’s setup will only serve as additional encouragement for attendees—to challenge themselves to adapt to new ways to achieve their goals. Further, attendees can look forward to virtual vendor booths, networking, and education. 

1) Virtual Booths

The platform Alliance Franchise Brands will be using for their upcoming event allows vendors like Erie Custom Signs to set up virtual booths. Those who plan on attending will be pleased to learn these booths aren’t unlike those usually seen during traditional trade shows. In fact, visitors will be able to navigate the trade show “hall” and stop by booths to take advantage of content that’s been uploaded to the platform. 

For example, we will be showing our assortment of assisted living signage. Those who swing by our booth can download our catalog to get an in-depth look at Erie Custom Signs’ offerings.  

Collection of assisted living signage from the Erie Custom Signs Alma Family Sign Series in maroon

The schedule for the trade show portion of the event is as follows:

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2) Networking Opportunities

Even with the virtual format, participants of this event can still take advantage of networking opportunities. Throughout the course of the event, attendees can connect with fellow sign professionals via chat. This easy and convenient chat feature helps get important conversations, such as developing a partnership for outsourcing orders, started.  

3) Education

The primary goal of the Alliance Franchise Brands Convention & Trade Show is to help members learn about the latest happenings in signage. During this 3-day event, participants can educate themselves on best practices and new offerings to help them reach their business goals. Additionally, there will be a Keynote Speaker Presentation, which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, March 9, from 11 am to 12 pm. 

The team at Erie Custom Signs is looking forward to the event, and we hope to see you there!

For additional information about Alliance Franchise Brands and their upcoming event, visit

If you’ll be unable to attend the event but are interested in outsourcing a sign order to Erie Custom Signs, click HERE to get a free quote. 

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